Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Before & Afters of a Great Room in a Client's House!

Don't ya just love before & afters!? And don't ya just love "Great Rooms"?! One day, I'd like a Great Room... one day.. one. day. ;)

Anyhoot - the below pics are from a clients house that I'm helping out with at work. The house is gorgeous and it's been a lot of fun because we are basically starting from scratch. So no existing furniture had to really work in the space. 

Here's some before:

 Those three french doors open out to a pool. It's STUNNING!

Aaaand here are the afters! These are with my crappy camera and are too dark so squint your eyes to see it's loveliness! 

Our client loves to throw parties so we were going for a sexy/loungy feel for this space. The sofa is SO dramatic and its so fun to have a cocktail sitting in this guy! Not that I have... ;-)

We pulled a couple of things from other rooms - the Mitchel Gold cream leather chair, Oly round table & the Harouni painting. Everything else we brought in.

It was a very HGTV/Bravo type day for sure! I broke a fancy vase (oops!) and the clients dog escaped the house, so I was frantically running down the street after him! (Could you imagine if your decorators got your dog killed!?) But we did this whole room in about 4 hours. Installs are super fast, it's just the waiting for furniture/accessories that are on back order, arrive broken, etc. that are the killer.

We decided on this vintage lucite table so your eye isn't distracted by a bulky table base when you have the gorgeous view of the backyard.

I just love the way this room came out. My boss and I have very similar taste - which is why I work for him of course! It's very true to the Shaun Smith Home aesthetic - classic, with a masculine feel and a modern take on traditional. 

I can't wait to share with y'all the next rooms we're working on! Hope ya liked this one.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Baaaack! & Here's my latest obsession!

Whew... well, I haven't been writing on the blog in a while. Hurricane Isaac came and stayed a while... like 16 hours of scary howling winds and power out for 6 days! We got the hell outta dodge after day 2 of no power. We stayed at my aunt's condo in FL. so it was a nice break. But things are still getting settled in around here. 

BUT on a design tangent let's discuss my newest obsession shall we!? This Lilian August Shagreen Console. OBSESSED. This picture does it no justice. The texture is so luxurious. In my fantasy land I'm saving all my pennies for this baby to be our TV console or a buffet in future dining room? Click HERE to see how the storage is.

I don't even know what the price is on this baby but I just wuv it so! 

PS - it comes in a sexy desk too!

Are any of you saving your pennies for a fabulous find!?

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