Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Be Nice Or Leave...

If you're from New Orleans, you are very aware of the saying "Be Nice Or Leave" that the artist Dr. Bob has plastered everywhere!

Or other clever variations...

Well, I recently came upon this image...

(can't remember source! Sorry!)

I thought it was a clever nod to the New Orleans classic but in a more modern, shall we say tasteful? way?!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trendy Chair Overload...

OK.. OK... I do have too many chairs that I know what to do with... true! BUT I am noticing I have almost every trendy chair out there right now and that's not good! (I think as a designer you want to be one step ahead of the curve - not smack in the middle of it!)

Here's my little collection of trendy boys - do you talk about your furniture as if they're people?! Cause I do!

Anyway, I was very attached to all of my things but something just clicked recently and I am PURGING! It feels so good! I am finally designing the house with only specific things and selling the rest.

Out of this chair offender line up, the chrome and leather chair is on Craigslist but I do still kinda love him and if I find a non tacky furry material in white I'd love to reupholster him! I digress...

 Ghost chair - trendy yes, but I love him and he was a wedding gift so not leaving.

Asian Chippendale is leaving! I do like him but I'm sick of him. Believe it or not I found him in the TRASH in Queens a few years ago and painted him and recovered the seat. I have no room for him though - so bye bye!

The Eames Lounger (or E.T. as I call him) The Hubs found recently at a thrift store. He's a classic but I was never really crazy about him until he came home. He's so comfortable and I love that he swivels. I can now see why people love this chair. He's staying.
Panton "S" chair. I have two of these that I use in the dining nook and I really like them. SO they are staying.

So there ya have the chair round up! What about y'all out there? Do you get sick of your things once you see them everywhere?!

Side note: I re-arranged the living room yet again so I'll have to show y'all how it's looking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cherokee Nation!!....Bywater Bust

Click this Youtube video to get into the mood for today's post!  ;)

If you've been following my design obsessions, you know I've been in search for a bust for a while now - and I am now proud to say a Cherokee Indian BUST is now living in my foyer!! haaha.... I did want a "normal" bust that I could spray paint and put a wig on, mardi gras beads, etc. but this stud will do just fine!

He came from work, he was intended for a clients home but the client said no way!? How could you not want him?! (I'm kidding, I can totally see the weird/creepy factor)

He has so much detail and is so serious I could never imagine defacing him with wigs or beads.... and they wouldn't fit.  :(  I also love that his head dress mimics the sunburst behind him.

Sooooo what do y'all think?! Is he creepy or cool to you?! It took The Hubs a couple of days to warm up to him but now he likes him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Cool Lamp...

We just got a new shipment in at the Shop and I wanted to show y'all this really cool lamp that came in! It's made from an old telephone pole!! How cool!? I love how creative people are getting with furniture & accessories...

It's got a great weathered look and talk about a conversation piece!

The artist must of drilled a hole for the wiring to go through...

Speaking of wiring, the lamp has a retro fabric cord that I love! It would be fun to make even a simple pendant light with an Edison bulb with a bright fabric cord for a punch of color.

Braided cable + Edison bulb = FABULOSO!

One of these days I'll attempt a lighting project... I did some half ass project in design school but nothing worth mentioning. Do any of y'all do lighting?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY for Latest Project...

This week I bought a fun project off Craigslist... for $30 I got this totally funky retro high back chair that I plan on recovering and more than likely painting.

This chair just screams personality to me and I could instantly see it's potential. Heck, for $30 it will be a great reupholstering project. So I went to my local fabric store for some sort of inspiration as far as fabric but of course no luck! (Living in NYC with all the great fabric selections has really put a damper on trying to find anything here in New Orleans!)

Then I came across a post on one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style and got some great ideas! I might reupholster the chair with some hand painted fabric! I stenciled our bedroom drapes (read post HERE) and it was so easy and cheap. I think I'll give it a whirl!

Miss Thang Kellly Wearstler painting some fabric.

This inspiration photo got me thinking I should paint some fabric. I want to do some sort of stripe to add even more drama and height to the already high back chair. Now the question is... something silky? or a cotton to paint on? I want it to have a watercolor washed look and I think a silk would do it better than cotton....


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY Indian Flower Garland...

My neighbors and I are putting together a fundraiser to help raise money/donations for our community garden across the street from our house. The theme is Bollywood meets Planet of the Apes (don't ask, long story!)

The soon to be garden where we will be decorating for the party.

Anyway, of course I have volunteered to be on the decorating committee! And in my research for anything and everything Indian related I came across these beautiful Indian flower garlands:

I definitely wanted to make something similar but fake flowers would be too expensive. So I thought I would have to use tissue paper and painstakingly ball them up individually and thread through.... BUT to my joyous surprise I found possibly the deal of the century! (If you like dusty fake flowers!)

These guys were regularly $3 a bunch marked down to .25 CENTS!!! I couldn't believe it!! Needless to say the cashier at my local Family Dollar wanted to kill me and I could barely walk out my arms were so full of flowers!

(This is maybe half of the flowers I bought) 

SO, this might be the easiest DIY ever. I just plucked off the flower bud from the stem and then ran a thin wire through the existing hole.

And I just kept repeating, repeating, repeating...

Here's what a couple look like strung together! I kinda like their temporary home in my living room!

We are keeping the hot pink ones as they are and spray painting the white and light pink strands in gold and a bright almost tangerine orange. I love love love the color combo of hot pink, orange and gold. Especially for an Indian theme!

I can't wait to show y'all them strung in the trees!

Shameless fundraiser plug alert: If you live in NOLA and are interested in attending our super fun costume party Saturday, October 22nd, click HERE for more information!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yard Art.... NOLA Style...

I just read an article that Fringe Fest - a quick summary - "Wild, weird, fresh original theater of all types for five days in neighborhoods in New Orleans. Wow! 60 performing groups, 200 shows, ten tons of free-for-all at the tent and one eccentric parade." is looking for locals to make "Yard Art" to display in front of their homes during their 5 day festival in late November.

YES PLEASE!! I can't wait to do something to participate. I have no idea what I'll do yet but here are some of our neighbors homes - and yes, this is how they always are - not decorated for any event!

What to do... what to do... hmmm....


Friday, September 2, 2011

A Client's Condo...

I had a fun time earlier this week helping Shaun with an install at a client's home. It is a 2 bedroom condo in an old school in Uptown New Orleans. VERY cool space with 14' ceilings! The client is a young single bachelor. We were there trying to finish up the 2 bedrooms but I got some shots of the whole place to show you!

Master Bedroom:
(We are still waiting for the headboard to come in - it's like a 7' or 8' upholstered headboard.)
I'm OBSESSED with the lamps. They are so masculine but not in an over the top way. They remind me of bullets!

OOoohh yeah! What do you see in the corner?! An INDIAN BUST!! haaha My obsession with busts has morphed into Indian busts as well!

Lucky me, the client felt the Indian "wasn't him" - I mean, how could you not want an Indian Bust?! ;) So I get it!! Yippeeee!

Guest Bedroom:
The wheels over the lamps cast a beautiful shadow against the wall that adds even more interest.


Dining Room:
I am dying over that chandelier!!

Living Room:
I just love this room. I love the timeless look of the rooms Shaun does. I feel like they are never trendy and have a sophisticated yet modern edge to them. (No I'm not just saying that because he's my boss!! - It's actually the reason I wanted to work for him!)

So there ya have it! What do you think?

Oh and I'll share some professional photos with ya once those are done - this is just me quickly snapping away!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ain't No Shame In My Game...

As you all know, Craigslist is one of my BFFs and I check him almost everyday. And to my surprise yesterday I came across my most favorite garbage can ever!! Yes, I have a favorite garbage can - the Oxo Stainless. I have actually been fantasizing about how great it would look in our stainless kitchen but I did not like the $100 price tag!

Then came a post selling it for $25 and barely used!!

I got no shame people... no shame.