Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trendy Chair Overload...

OK.. OK... I do have too many chairs that I know what to do with... true! BUT I am noticing I have almost every trendy chair out there right now and that's not good! (I think as a designer you want to be one step ahead of the curve - not smack in the middle of it!)

Here's my little collection of trendy boys - do you talk about your furniture as if they're people?! Cause I do!

Anyway, I was very attached to all of my things but something just clicked recently and I am PURGING! It feels so good! I am finally designing the house with only specific things and selling the rest.

Out of this chair offender line up, the chrome and leather chair is on Craigslist but I do still kinda love him and if I find a non tacky furry material in white I'd love to reupholster him! I digress...

 Ghost chair - trendy yes, but I love him and he was a wedding gift so not leaving.

Asian Chippendale is leaving! I do like him but I'm sick of him. Believe it or not I found him in the TRASH in Queens a few years ago and painted him and recovered the seat. I have no room for him though - so bye bye!

The Eames Lounger (or E.T. as I call him) The Hubs found recently at a thrift store. He's a classic but I was never really crazy about him until he came home. He's so comfortable and I love that he swivels. I can now see why people love this chair. He's staying.
Panton "S" chair. I have two of these that I use in the dining nook and I really like them. SO they are staying.

So there ya have the chair round up! What about y'all out there? Do you get sick of your things once you see them everywhere?!

Side note: I re-arranged the living room yet again so I'll have to show y'all how it's looking!

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