Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cherokee Nation!!....Bywater Bust

Click this Youtube video to get into the mood for today's post!  ;)

If you've been following my design obsessions, you know I've been in search for a bust for a while now - and I am now proud to say a Cherokee Indian BUST is now living in my foyer!! haaha.... I did want a "normal" bust that I could spray paint and put a wig on, mardi gras beads, etc. but this stud will do just fine!

He came from work, he was intended for a clients home but the client said no way!? How could you not want him?! (I'm kidding, I can totally see the weird/creepy factor)

He has so much detail and is so serious I could never imagine defacing him with wigs or beads.... and they wouldn't fit.  :(  I also love that his head dress mimics the sunburst behind him.

Sooooo what do y'all think?! Is he creepy or cool to you?! It took The Hubs a couple of days to warm up to him but now he likes him.

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Elizabeth said...

I like him, and I think you will like him longer than you would a crazy hot pink piece. More classic...
-e (