Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ain't No Shame In My Game...

As you all know, Craigslist is one of my BFFs and I check him almost everyday. And to my surprise yesterday I came across my most favorite garbage can ever!! Yes, I have a favorite garbage can - the Oxo Stainless. I have actually been fantasizing about how great it would look in our stainless kitchen but I did not like the $100 price tag!

Then came a post selling it for $25 and barely used!!

I got no shame people... no shame.



Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I love the stainless steel as well but they are so $$$ something you are putting TRASH in. We are lucky our place is furnished and already had a large SS Brabantia (similar to OXO)in the kitchen...I saw one in the store for 150 euros! Nuts!!!

Anonymous said...

I love something similar called Kajiji... I bought my camera from there for 1/3 the price. That is one steal of a deal!