Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One year ago today we signed our lives away (many, many signatures!) and purchased our first home! Which is why this blog was born. This past year has flown by but at the same time I feel like we've lived here forever. I might get a little sappy with this post but go with it!

Here's a picture of our house right when we bought it. This is actually the first picture ever uploaded to the blog!

I mainly just talk about home renovations on this blog but since it's our anniversary, I wanted to let y'all know why we really love living here! Our neighbors. We truly have the best neighbors anyone could ask for. When we were in the middle of the horrible process of purchasing a short-sale home, we had met the neighbors and knew we had to live here. We were not super in love with the house, but we loved the location and everyone was so nice!

 To give you an idea, there are about 8 couples, all about the same age, all into the arts, at least half are from or have lived in NYC, and ALL love to dress up for Mardi Gras  ;)

Mardi Gras 2011 - a handful of neighbors are in here with us - I can't find a picture with all of us!

So there ya have it. We have definitely made our house a home but having such great people around us truly makes it a joy to live in Bywater!

Our home today. Have I ever mentioned we live across the street from a park?! Not a bad view!



Anonymous said...

Happy Houseversary!

LSUgirl said...

I can't believe it has been a year! You have done more than most do in 5!