Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reupholstered Sofa... DIY on the Wild Side!

My crafty genes definitely come from both sides of my family but growing up with my mother who seemed to sew, design, build (well, she'd design it and get one of my brothers to build it!) anything she dreamt in her head has always been a great inspiration for me.

So today's post is a shout out to my lovely mother who reupholstered a settee she bought at a thrift store. The original fabric reminds me of Missoni and I actually feel like this colorway and design is making a comeback!? (ala Kelly Wearstler - but still not a fan of it!)



The original sofa had a double welt which we thought made it look more custom than just gluing on some black gimp. (Although my lazy butt probably would of just glued the black gimp and not bothered with a double welt! blegh!)

But my momma charged through and had just enough fabric for the double welt. She did this piece in about 10 hours - most time consuming was that welt! 


Here is the sofa in the room. We are calling this room the "Traveler Room" or "Safari Room" - it has a well traveled feel to it and when I saw this leopard print fabric I thought it would be perfect for the room!

 Sorry not so clear of a shot - just quickly snapped this this morning!

Side note: I not only inherited my craftyness from my mother but also her psychitzophrenic design style as well!! She has super old New Orleans Style rooms in her home and then extremely modern rooms - she says she doesn't care because she loves both looks and doesn't care what people think! ha! I'll have to get some pictures together for a home tour of my parents house...



Tracy said...

looks great. what kind of stapler did your mom use? i have an electric one, but i also have an air compressor and am considering buying a gun for it. i have several chairs to do and wondering if it is worth the investment.

Boo Hazard said...

Hey! She just used a regular upholstery staple gun - i think it takes the T-50 staples? She's been doing this for years with that so I wouldn't think you'd need an air crompressor - although it would probably be easier?? - BOO

Katherine Velie said...

Well, I love Missoni and a nice flamestich...but I'm loving what she did with this sofa. You are lucky to have such a talented momma...I'd never leave mine alone if she could reupholster. Impressive! : )

Boo Hazard said...

Yeah Katherine - I love Missoni too but those colors were just not working - I probably should of said I like the design of the fabric - just not the colors!! Oh, did you hear Missoni is partnering with Target!? Releases Sept 13th! I'm SO there!! - BOO

Ginger said...

whoah, I don't know if it's because I'm tired and working all night and just took an ambien (half!) but I've been staring at the final picture and it looks like some of the stuff is moving. Like the curtains and the little head figure on the coffee table, the plant. Particularly the plant. I probably need to go to bed but it sure is weird!

Ginger said...

Props to Kathy on the upholstering job by the way! You should learn from her and then teach me!