Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dining Room Reveal! Before/After...

Whew... this room has come a long way! It's still not completely done (is it ever!?) but I wanted to share with y'all the latest state of the dining room!  

Remember this!?


Getting there... but still not quite! 


We have a dining room now! Yippeeee!! I love the way it is coming together and I especially love the curve in my Pantone chairs that mimics the curve in the table.... It's all in the details!

And I made my first Roman shade with this room re-do! I was surprised at how easy it was. Remember my love of the pagoda? Well, I found a gorgeous Asian toile with pagodas in the clearance section at Calico Corners! I paid a total of $17 for the material and hardware for this shade! Not too bad...

The room definitely has an Asian influence - from the pagoda fabric, Chippendale chair, Foo Dogs, Asian stools, and an Asian style mirror (not pictured)... but I wanted to modernize it with the soft greys, whites and pops of pink.

A shot of the art on the wall - I moved my little ugly Mexican man painting in and made this creepy/definitely a conversation piece baby doll head art thingy... I actually really like it though!! The baby head came from some art piece my husband made years ago and I just layered hot pink paper to the canvas and stuck him on top. I like weird.

Close up of the latest weirdo art piece.

Cabinet we wound up keeping in. I'm glad I did because it stores our bar ware and our fancy stuff... yeah - we got fancy stuff!!

And what oh what does the other side of the room look like?! Here ya go! Don't judge...In the coming weeks this side of the room will become an office/art studio.

Right now it's a hot mess.

The main things left to do in this room is paint the ceiling (ugh) and touch up the paint on the floors.
Let's end the post on the pretty after though shall we?! 



Katherine Velie said...

I am INSANE for those pantone chairs!!!!! Love the lines against the dining room table....they are truly works of art! Awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Looking great - you guys are doing so much! Good to see you the other night - will def have to start coming on Thurs nights!
-e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)