Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kitchen Update....

Here are some "in progress" shots of the kitchen these days! We ripped out the upper cabinets on one side so far and once it's all done it will really open up the space.

Yeah, The Hubs was feeling "artistic" and decided to doodle a planet with a PERMANENT marker on the wall!! I could've killed him! 

To replace the cabinets we will be installing Ikeas Grundtal stainless shelves:

Here are the other cabinets we will rip out once our Ikea stainless shelves come in! These cabinets are just so not functional for us! I like everything visible when I cook.

Here are some paint swatches I was debating between - this is very unusual for me, usually I'm so impatient I just buy the color without testing it! But I'm glad I did this because I wound up choosing Benjamin Moore Harbor Grey but with only 75% of the color - the upper left one. I thought the original color was too dark for our kitchen that does not see much light. (The original color is the darker grey)

This will be my 12th room I will be painting!! Ughhhhh.... BUT I think this is a very inexpensive way to completely transform the kitchen. I can't wait to show yall once it's done! (maybe in a week??)



Anonymous said...

I love open shelving! That is looking great! Picking a paint colour is tough. I can never get it right! Good idea to paint it out!

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