Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bust A Move!...

Uh ohhhh... I'm in trouble... A new shipment just arrived at the Shop and of course this guy comes in tryin' to look all cute:

Not sure if you're up to snuff with my BUST OBSESSION but yes, it's a problem.

I just love him! He's ginormous!! Although I wouldn't dare spray paint him or put a glitter lightning bolt on him... I need a cheapo plasticy type one that I wouldn't mind defacing...

Ah well... at least I can stare at him in all his glory all day while at work!



Katherine @Antweak said...

He's a hottie... So my 'type'! I' ll take him!
Kat Velie

Elizabeth said...

I love him - have got to get down there!
-e (