Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Must...I Must..I Must Increase My Bust!

I have a confession. I have been yearning for a large bust for quite some time now. Now, now, get your head out of the gutter people! Around 18, I sadly came to the conclusion the Lord did not bless me with that kind of bust... this is more of a sculptural matter if you will...

This big guy is in Kelly Wearstler's living room and he is MARVELOUS!! BUT I don't think I could find one that big in my price range...

My obsession with finding a bust all began a couple of years ago when I saw this bullet hole in the face bust by Banksy! Don't ask me why - just liked it.

 The bust hunt then kicked into high gear when I read a Sneak Peak on Design Sponge of Jimmie Martin and Rick Schultz's place.

I love, love, LOVE their place!! It is so my style. Now, I can appreciate a lot of different looks but I love this place - at least when I'm in my black mode. (then I switch to my all white and calm mode)

Anyway, back to the bust. Isn't this funny?! They took such a traditional look in design and turned it on its head. (sorry, I had to!)

Well people, I finally found one that's just the right size and somewhat affordable. At Restoration Hardware of all places?!

Isn't he a beaut?! Oh, if I got him of course I'd spray paint him (not sure what color yet) and totally copy off of the KISS bust above and paint a black lightning bolt over an eye... then put black glitter over that. Yup. I said it. Spray paint and glitter all up on that bust! Then around Mardi Gras time he'd of course have some beads to top it off...

See, this is the wild psycho side of my love of interior design. Sometimes we all need to loosen up and have a sense of humor!

Having this wild man in my foyer let's people know just what kind of house they're entering... I have the perfect spot too - right where that orchid is. He would fit right in!

Love it or hate it? Do you have some secret design love that's a little wild too?!



Tracy said...

Hi, Just found your blog via Elizabeth Sullivan. Read the whole thing. Look forward to more posts.

Ginger said...

No secret design love that's wild but just wanted to say how much I love the black walls in that flat. I've always wanted to try that but I don't think I'll ever have the guts!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Love your little entry and I think the bust would look fab there! Definitely do a fun color... it's unexpected.

Elizabeth said...

Hey girl - you are hilarious. I think you would really love the style of Oitoemponto, a Portuguese design firm - they are on my "fave websites" section on my blog. Can't wait to see your version of this bust!
-e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Love the bust!!!!
I want one, too! Love the rooms you posted!