Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally Painted That Coffee Table...

A couple of months ago I scored an Opium Table off of Craigslist (of course!) for $75. The seller was trying to refinish it but got frustrated and decided to sell it. I finally got around to painting it but unfortunately I can't find more of the before shots! But here's what it looked like before me and my paint brush got a hold of it!

You may remember me mentioning this table in the Golden Girls post and here's part of my inspiration...

And this is what it looks like in our living room:

I put two coats of Kilz on first and then just painted it with a sponge to give it a smoother look with out visible brush strokes. It is hard to see in photos but the color is a soft gray that I happened to already have a quart of!

I wanted to try something light for the table since the rug is so dark. Interesting tid bit - the area rug was inherited and it's massive and over 100 years old! I think it's like 18 x 12?! Hence why I wanted something a little lighter in color on top.

So whatcha think for $75 and some elbow grease?!


margarita rivera said...

it looks great!

boo said...

Thanks! It's right up your color alley I know!! :)