Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you for being a friend....

In honor of this post, feel free to click the video below to get ya in the mood!

As I was researching this post, I realized I am not the first blogger to realize The Golden Girls were totally fashionable and that their 80's style is back! Nevertheless, here's my take on the matter:

The Chinese Chippendale Chairs:

These are all the rage and I actually found one in the TRASH in Queens!! I had to give it a fresh coat of paint and reupholster it but still! I'll have to get a picture of it to show you.

Anyway, here's an updated look:

Chippendale Chairs in Nate Berkus' living room:

The Banana Leaf wallpaper - it's original claim to fame was at the Beverly Hills Hotel - but Blanche knocks it out of the park with the matching bedspread!!

I have to admit, I am in LOVE with this wallpaper. It is bold and daring but it's just SO fabulous!  I used this wallpaper for my final project at NYSID for a restaurant design!

This image is from a kitchen in the French Quarter via Elle Decor.  It fits right into the lush landscape down here in New Orleans... I would LOVE to do this to my kitchen! (Once I move the kitchen to the back wall of the house - cause that'll happen!)

This is Nate Berkus' dining room. I love the way it looks with black accents.

And what have we learned so far? A major design influence for Nate Berkus was the Golden Girls!

And how could I not mention the Lanai?! Those lounge chairs are pretty sweet.

Here's an idea:
Update them with black and white striped fabric like this:

And have the banana leaf wallpaper made into fabric for some throw pillows. YES PLEASE!

The Opium Table:
I love the shape of this table.

I actually just scored one of these bad boys on Craigslist! I just need to figure out how I want to refinish it...

Here's an updated version:

Heck I'd even rock this dress minus the shoulder pads!

Hope you enjoyed some Golden Girls love!

Thank you for being my friends!



xomumblebutt said...


The Decorator said...

I loved that you picked up on the Golden Girls thing! In fact I was actually referring to my Chinese Chipps as "Golden Girls Chairs" to my 13 year old daughter who loves the GG!
I also love banana leaf wallpaper which can also be seen at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the stairway leading to the "Fountain Room".

Now the hardest thing to do is to decide on which colour to finish my old Chipps in! Red? or White? or yellow? or Black? or green???
What a conundrum!!!

BOO said...

I painted my Chippindale a flat black and then gold leafed the cracks where the "bamboo" detail is. (does that make sense?!) anyway, it came out great and I covered the seat cushion in hot pink silk - FUN FUN!