Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before and After... the little ugly room

Remember this room that I wanted to make into our little dining room? Well, I wanted to show you the progress so far - it still has a long way to go but as Virginia Slims says, you've come a long way baby!


Just NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!! I will mention that there was a kitchen here that we had to rip out (to be considered a single family home for the bank) and that's why you see all the plumbing loveliness...

The white spaces are where the cabinets were. The plywood sheet is blocking a doorway to the pantry/laundry room.

I originally wanted to rip out both these cabinets but decided to just take out the bottom one. I attempted to do the demo on this alone but once the crowbar started ripping into the sheet rock - I thought I'd leave the job to my brother!

Priming the little ugly room...

The floors in this back room were COMPLETELY uneven so we (my dad) decided to level the floor and then lay down thick sheets of plywood as the flooring.

This picture not only highlights how completely disgusting this room was, it shows how my dad laid strips of wood down - at some points 2" thick and then laid the plywood on top so it would then be level. I hope this is making sense?!

Big bro laying down the plywood... it is definitely a complicated math equation to figure out how to cut the wood and level it - at least for me!

I then painted the plywood with porch and deck paint in a very soft lavender/grey color. I love that if it ever stains I can just go back over with paint and it's as good as new!


It became a guest bedroom after all that dining room planning!!

At least temporarily it is a guest bedroom. We have had guests the past couple of weeks and needed a guest bedroom set up ASAP - and the room next to ours would just be weird to use - you have to walk through it to get to the rest of the house so no privacy.

Other side of room:

 I still need to put up pictures and better window treatments but it's a work in progress...

This is a great example of how I like to add some personality to a space! We are in New Orleans afterall!

The lucky guests who get to sleep in here also get a full bar!

I'll give you a run down of the costs:

  • Fancy plywood flooring -                     $ 75
  • Porch & Deck Paint -                          $ 25
  • Tempurpedic Full Bed - Craigslist -      $140
  • Asian Garden Stools - Big Lots -         $20 each (I spray painted them white)
  • Fan Chair  - Thrift Store                      $ 60
  • Antique Venetian Nesting Tables -       $ A LOT (we splurged on our honeymoon plus I saw them in NYC for $1,000 more than we paid!) 
  • Chrome & Marble Bar - CB2              $ 300? can't remember?
  • Geometric Wool Rug -                         Inherited
  • Glitter Skeleton - Z Gallerie                  $10 - Everyone needs a glitter skeleton right?!
  • Chartreuse Green Silk Curtains -           My mommas that I think I get to keep?
All the furniture and accessories listed above we already owned minus the bed.  

The curtains are tacked up for privacy from the laundry room - not sure what we will do permanently but it's a quick fix for now.


I am really happy with the way it turned out and nothing is ever permanent in our house so who knows what this room will become next month?!



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Pillow cameo!

Boo Hazard said...

I thought you'd like that Katie!

Anonymous said...

Is that 'amsterdam' on the pillow? Nice :)

Love seeing the updates on your house...it's looking fantastic and hope to see it when I get down to Nola again.

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I've added you to the blogroll at Decorology - your house is going to be gorgeous!