Thursday, April 14, 2011

Useful Tools and Other Advice...

Well, now that the major renovations have been complete.. whew! I took note of tools that were quite useful - not saying I personally used all of these tools - I may have stood back and admired their handiness due to fear of getting injured! 

Five in One Painters Tool:

This little guy does it all!! It's a scraper, putty knife, chisel, pick and paint roll cleaner (squeegee). We bought a couple of these because it was such a high demand tool with so many people working on the house!


I was surprised how much we needed this. They are very handy and it's FUN to see results when you rip things out and tear down walls!


The appropriately named Sawzall really does "saw all" - this tool completely scared me for weeks but I noticed the more I peered over my brothers shoulder at everything he was doing, the more comfortable I became around power tools. I actually wanted to saw things by the time it was done!

Another thing I learned that I could not stress more to people before tackling a renovation (especially when you are doing most of it) is to be ORGANIZED!! Unfortunately we probably wasted more money than I'd like to think about from losing things and not having a designated spot for everything. Although I also don't recommend living in a house while it's being renovated!

The good news is that we're pretty much at the point of tackling weekend projects that we can do without the help of an expert. This, to me, is the fun part! And better for our wallets!