Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY Outdoor Table...

What's a girl and boy to do with some Heart Pine flooring that's been ripped out of a termite ridden room? Why, make an outdoor table of course! When the two termite rooms had to be completely gutted (to the dirt) the contractor unsurfaced some Heart Pine flooring under the ugly carpet.

Aaahhhh yes... remember this?! 

It was not enough to use in a room but it was enough to make an outdoor dining table! And it was FREE which is always a plus!

The Hubs was all alone on this project - this type of DIY is not my forte! It is a very basic idea though so if you're good with power tools this is not too difficult.

- He first laid out the floor boards and locked them in as if they were flooring and measured how long he wanted the table. Then cut the boards to the size he marked.

- After cutting the boards he locked them together again and drilled in a temporary peice of wood across the boards to make sure they were tight and secure.  

- He then made a square base (out of more saved wood from house).

- The table top and the sqaure base are not even drilled together! Since this is old wood - which equals good wood (not microwaved to dry out faster which is what everything you buy these days is) it can stand on its own. It's HEAVY and solid.

And voila!! Rustic outdoor dining table - of course he made it for someone his height (he's 6'4") so when "normal" people sit at it they look like children! I think he may cut down the legs a couple of inches...

This is a clear shot of how you can see the tongue and grooves of the floorboards!

 We had our first "dinner party" with the table over the weekend...

It was a good excuse for me to use my latest garage sale finds! The plates are so Anthropologie to me and I was able to get 10 of them for only $20! The votive holders are actually Waterford Crystal glasses - 3 for $10!  

Don't you love the beautiful view of our half painted shutters in the back?!

We are both very happy with the way the table came out and more importantly that we'll be sharing great times and good meals with friends and family around it!