Friday, April 8, 2011

Bywater Home Tour...

This past weekend was the Bywater Home Tour. Seven homes were featured - 3 of which are definitely worth mentioning.
(I was really only taking pictures for future ideas so you probably will not see much of some of the homes - just close ups of things I like - sorry!)

The first was an adorable (sometimes I hate that word but really - this place was just adorable!) cottage...

They took two corbels and turned them on their side to make a headboard. Cleva!

OK, this was the showstopper at their home. The house was made from barge board (like ours) and they were able to strip the years of wallpaper and paint off the boards and expose the beauty underneath!!

I wish we could do something like this but our bargeboard is under sheetrock and lath and I am not about to mess with all that!

It reminded me of something you would see in the French Quarter. 

Oh, and their garden was spectacular!

I loved the little details in the yard.

The next home was owned by Pres Kabakoff and Sally Glassman. I mentioned their home before - CLICK HERE to see the professional pictures.

The third, tiniest and my favorite of all was owned by a young architect - I didn't get her name! Oops... Anyway, she took a TINY - maybe 700 square feet - shotgun home and completely opened it up.

Notice in the picture above the built out loft over the kitchen - it is the bedroom. There are stairs in the back to reach it.

Cool light fixture - possible inspiration for a future DIY?!

This is a view to the "loft" over the front door. She has not done anything with this space yet but I don't doubt she will!

This is the loft that she uses as her bedroom. She has used every square inch of her home!

I got major inspiration for our upstairs unfinished attic. She just has the subfloors down and coated them with a couple of coats of polyurethane. Our subfloors are that gross chip board though so we might want to put a nicer layer of plywood over them and then either polyurethane or paint them.

She even stores her things in a beautiful way.

I love how raw it is. she stripped all the frames around the windows and doors and it actually looks really cool. The home definitely has an industrial look to it.

The most inspiring part of her home was that the materials were inexpensive and everything was consistent - so it had a great flow. (every window was stripped, no molding anywhere, unfinished sheetrocked walls, plywood used predominantly - it sounds unattractive I know but it looked fantastic!)

I guess the moral to the shotgun story is keep your home consistent and it will look fabulous! -- Unless your consistency is "dorm room chic"!  :)


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