Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Latest State of Living Room - with NEW furniture!

I wanted to share the current state of our living room - as some of you who regularly read this blog know, I move my furniture around ALL the time!! BUT - get ready now... I am very happy to announce that I finally LOVE the layout of the furniture in my house! I must admit it's in large part due to my mom redoing her entire house (Shaun Smith Home is doing the complete design of course! Fun job!) and me getting my pick of any furniture she was going to sell -thanks mom!

So, I'll start with our living room. I first need to show y'all my current Craigslist score - a new (used) sofa!!! yippeeeee!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it online. It wasn't super cheap - bought it for $500 BUT it's exactly what I've wanted my current sofa to be - a single bench seat, and 2 simple pillows on the back so I can switch small accent pillows as I wish. My current awful sofa has 3 seat cushions and FIVE pillows on the back. TOO MANY PILLOWS!!! That sofa is now in our new TV room. Anyway, here's the down sofa:

Now, use your imagination people! The sofa had an awful micro suede diamond patterned slip cover that is SO not me - I plan on getting it slip covered in a great linen but until then my crazy ass has draped linen over that micro suede! I love the lines of it though. Here's the type of slip cover look I'll do:

via EST Magazine

Can you see my vision now!? OK... now moving on to the room...

My big sexy console on the opposite wall from the new sofa. Loving my estate sale painting with the spooky faces over the console. 

One of my two new antique chairs everyone hates but me! I'll show them once I recover this seat and give these guys some love!

Above are my two new chairs from momma! These chairs are from the 50's and I have a little attachment to them - they were in my bedroom in high school but covered in a cow print fabric! You can see from this picture I still need a rug to ground the room. I'm planning on getting a chunky sisal... maybe with a hint of grey in it over tan. And everything in the room is square or rectangle. Eventually a new coffee table or round side table will be nice. 

Close up of the chair. These will eventually get recovered but I'm not a money tree and these things need to happen in phases! 

Another view of the room. That black dining table is going to be sold.

Current state of my chrome & brass etarge. It's a hot mess... baby steps people!

Here's the "foyer" to the left when you enter the house. That lamp is another new member to our house. It's solid marble. I need a new shade but I got a steal of a deal on it so a new shade isn't a biggie...

SO there ya have it! Our new "formal" living room :) There's a lot that still needs to be done but the big pieces are in which makes me happy! 

Here's my to buy/make list:

- new slip cover
- chunky sisal rug
- new fabric on slipper chairs
- new fabric on antique chair
- new lamp shade
- new round little table to replace coffee table
- new floor lamps for either side of sofa 

Yikes! Seems like more now that I've typed it out! A design tip I recommend to all of you slowly acquiring your "grown up" furniture - it helps to make a list and know what you're looking for. SAVE your money for what you really want and don't cheap out. It's better to wait a month or two and save more money and buy the something fabulous you've been eyeing over something that "will do".  

I had been searching for a new sofa off and on for years and knew exactly what I wanted. I wasn't planning on buying a used one from Criagslist but hey, even after getting a slipcover made it'll still be a fraction of the cost of a new one. SO, my point is if you have a clear idea of what you need - once you find it, there's no second guessing if it'll work. Hopefully you've analyzed it enough beforehand you can pounce on it! 

Geesh... were you expecting design tips from Boo today or what!? ;) 

What do y'all think of that advice? Are you looking for *perfect* pieces to add to your home? Do tell!! 

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