Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dining Area...

In Phase 1 of this home renovation we will be using a small room at the back of the house as our dining area. It is kind of funky now so I will have to try my darndest to make it look good! We have a 40" round dining table that seats 4 that will go there. I am leaning towards a built in bench along the wall with the window.

 This is the current state of the room:

Isn't it gross?!! Call me crazy, but I think this can transform into something great pretty easily.

1st thing, get rid of the built in cabinets! They really serve no use and I need the space for our dining table & seating.

Next, I might attempt to do an aged finish on the walls. My inspiration are the walls at Sylvain, a new restaurant here in New Orleans. They are this rich blue color that is hard to describe. Here's some pictures of the restaurant:

It is hard to tell from these pictures but trust me, they look great! I think for such a small dining area it will be fun to make it more dramatic. After all, everything else in the house is WHITE!

Also, notice the ceiling tiles. If I can try to find some cheap plastic ones that look good and I can paint the right color - that would add a lot of texture and an Old New Orleans look to the space... or what about the fancy paper I mentioned here? Maybe back it with wall paper glue and stick it up there? Doesn't hurt to try!

Below are some inspiration images I have been saving...

I love these dramatic graphic curtains!  Although our window is a weird size so I might have to do a roman shade similar to the image below...


The image above might have our exact table. I like the idea of the bench just along one wall too.

 I love the image above. It looks so inviting and  I love the display of art on the wall! Also, the mix match of pillows thrown on the bench.

I would like to replace the overhead lighting with something a little more interesting as well. Here are a couple that have caught my eye:

For some reason I am drawn to this botanical one. Normally this type of look is not something I would choose... but it's whimsical and fun!

This one is fancy pantsy...

The one below is totally over the top! It reminds me of a Mardi Gras King! 

 (I can't do any type of chandelier since the ceilings are so low.)

I'm still on the search for overhead lighting... the ones above are OK, just not THE ONE.

 So, here is a quick Photoshopped sketch of some ideas with the space:

On the opposite side of the room I plan on putting our desk and computer. I think it will be a cozy space to hang out in. At least I hope so! I am working on this room as I type.... some changes are in store!

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Stewzie said...

My suggestions:

Ceiling tiles =

(They will even send you 3 or 4 free samples, shipped free!)

Chandelier =

(They have some cool small, inexpensive crystal chandelier-y light fixtures with a modern feel. Also, only $2.95 shipping!)

ieatenchiladas said...

The ceiling tile you posted looks like a sheet from a Charmin roll.

Bryan Wordsworth said...


My name is Bryan,,, I am particularly taken with the one low chandelier you have featured in your blog. Like you I am renovating & have a low ceiling problem; the example you have is exactly what I have been looking for ages:

Please can you give me the link to where you found it, so that I can purchase it.... I would be so very grateful.

Thanks Bryan