Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fans... not a fan...

We inherited two not so attractive ceiling fans with the big room we are renovating - one of which died as I was trying to dust it!

Broken fan with wires hanging down:

We had to take the blades off while renovations were underway but you get the idea...

The fans were OK, just not at all the look we wanted. I was actually thinking of spray painting them a solid color just so they would blend into the room more but once that fan broke I knew we had to get new ones!

I went searching everywhere for a more modern ceiling fan but came up with nothing in our price range - of course! 

LOVE these two: 

I don't understand why certain products manufacturers are able to make total knock offs for for a fraction of the original price (like the Ghost Chair here and here) but with ceiling fans I am not successful in finding any affordable options!

We do not need to have lights in the fans because while the room was getting renovated, we had about a third of the ceiling opened out - so perfect opputunity to put in some can lights! We now have four cans on dimmers that light the room plenty.

SO these are two options that I liked the most:
The Hubs did not approve the silver one above. He was worried it might look too cheap and flimsy. (I agreed!)
So, we settled on this white option - $75 per fan, including the extension rods! Gotta love! The walls and ceiling are white so these will just blend seemlessly into the room.

They just came in this week so we plan on installing them soon... I hope! Dad?? Are you reading this??!

- BOO 


kellydavisbernard said...

I like! We just settled on a fan that is similar--the "ball hugger" modern fan in white. (Jon really likes the name.) We wanted the same thing-to let it fade into the ceiling... Wish we had those high ceilings! See ya tonight!!

{darlene} said...

I know. It is SO hard to find nice ceiling fans. I love your choice. In the south, they are a must have!