Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attic Find! Library Ladder...

Last weekend we found two library ladders in the attic while taking care of some plumbing!! I do not think they are really old, maybe from the 50's or 60's?

I would love to know where they were used (or if they were used) in this house. Our house is a decent size, but not the kind of home you would think had a library dahling!

(sorry for the poor picture quality - I was NOT about to risk my life in the scary attic for a better shot of them!)

So of course this got me thinking of all kind of fun things to do with them... (eventually!)

Maybe build in some bookcases and use them in the traditional way?

Or build out a custom closet and use them for the hard to reach purses and shoes?!

OR incorporate them somehow in our future dream kitchen??

I absolutely LOVE this idea above! It works so well because all the dishes are neutral. - Does not look cluttered. This would also look great in a pantry to store food. 
 - BOO


{darlene} said...

a friend pointed me to your blog! Love your taste and style! Off to check out more.

Hope to see you at Fieldstone Hill sometime!


Anonymous said...

that is an amazing score!

Anonymous said...