Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Original... Artwork!

I couldn't recommend more to people to purchase original artwork. As far as interior design goes - original artwork kicks it up a notch! (in the words of Emeril).

Kelly Wearstler

Bunny Williams - I actually saw this room while I was living in NYC at a showhouse and it was STUNNING!! Pictures do it nojustice!

Now, it does sound intimidating and way out of people's budgets but there are many great and affordable resources out there. One of my favorites being Etsy. A great plus is that you can search a multitude of ways (by color, size, media, location, etc.)

Below are some artists I am loving!

Sarah Giannobile of St. Louis has the most interesting paintings and I love her use of color.

These three paintings are under $500 - most are around $300.

Zebrathought is another artist whose work I like - LOVE these colors!

Since I am broke, I am going to try a DIY version of Nicole Cohen's painting:

I want to attempt a HUGE version and put it in my foyer.

The image below is a photograph from VincenZorrizo - only $15!

Christina Romeo does some great mixed media work:

A lot of her work is only $55!

Geez... from reviewing my selections it's quite obvious my color pallet these days huh?!



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Mr. Brainwash

Cornflower Blue said...

You should coordinate an original art swap. I'm game!