Friday, March 4, 2011

My New Heroes...

Opened the paper today to find my new heroes... and to discover I want to go to the hardware store to make any and everything left for our house! Read about them HERE.

To sum it up the husband is an artist and re-purposes things, mostly found from hardware stores, salvage yards and thrift stores. Oh, and of course, they are incredible good looking (in the words of Zoolander.)

 I love how all rules of "design" are thrown out the window and they do what they want. The husband made this dining table and then installed roller shades that can be pulled down to create a "fort" for their kids! Genius!!

I love the colors in this staircase - the grey, black and white - YES! And let's not forget that cool light fixture! I'm sure that's made from hardware store goods.

I am loving this bust too - makes me want to find a cheap one at a junk store and spray paint it black with a chalk board paint on the front. I love anything with a sense of humor and not too stuffy...

The father even made his kids a ROBOT!! I love that black and white Ikea rug too.

OK, I have a couple of things I love in this bedroom picture:
- the custom built in closet is great, I especially love the drawers
- the sconce
- the HEADBOARD!! I read that it's just paper with the upholstery tacks on top. This could be a fun DIY for someone with a steady hand to put those tacks down perfectly!
- lucite tray is a YES!

Again, please read more about them and see more pictures HERE.


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