Monday, March 14, 2011

Only in New Orleans.... Mardi Gras Edition

The best way to sum up the day after Mardi Gras is that it feels like the whole city is feeling one massive hangover. Just the exhuastion of the weeks leading up to The Big Day and then to go on with life as if none of it happened come Wednesday...

For those of you not familiar with Mardi Gras, it is more of a season than a day. There are parties, balls, parades, eating, drinking, hanging out with friends and family - leading up to Fat Tuesday.
Here's a quick recap of the last three weeks!

Parades... parades... parades... maybe a little drinking... and definitely a lot of eating!!

St. Aug marching band - best in the city!

Big pink tranny:

Camel Toe Lady Steppers:

Flambeaux carrier:

He's just scary.

A fun parade for the whole family is the Barkus Parade - just for dogs! It runs through the quarter.

Hard to get a good shot - stewardesses with their luggage - dogs!

Of course we had to make sure our little Wootie was dressed to impress!

Ummm... yeah I just threw this on him as we were walking out the door... at least it's SOMETHING!

Mardi Gras Day:

When we were buying our house, we were told that we would be living at the spot come Mardi Gras day in the Bywater. I was warned what happened at 7 AM in front of our house but still was not sure what to expect.

There is a group called Bone Boys and it's maybe 100 people that meet literally in front of our house on Mardi Gras Day. At 7 AM!!! Did I mention that already?!

The group dresses in skeleton costumes with noise makers and parade around the neighborhood making as much noise as possible to wake up the neighborhood for the days celebrations. The idea that this may be the last day of your life so get your ass up and enjoy life!

Like I said, they literally meet in front of our house!

I am sure it has a little something to do with the huge lot (that's going to become a community garden!) right across the street. 


Gotta represent NYC!

The Hubs decided to bring out the flaming juggles as I like to call them - he says they're "torch and pin juggling clubs". I just think juggles sounds better... say it out loud... JUGGLES... it's my new favorite word.

Some were so creepy!! I felt like we were part of a medieval (THAT is a hard word to spell!) carnival.

Our wonderfully awesome neighbors in their equally awesome and scary costumes! (and super cute baby!)
 This weird contraption is his noise maker. Yes, it woke the neighborhood!

Meanwhile, we were still in our Pjs getting some shots of everyone while some Bone Boys were doing shots ;-)

 Some had a little too many shots...

After watching all this craziness it was time for us to suit up in our costumes! We had brunch at our house and had a group of friends over to get ready.

Quiche. YUM.

Girls getting ready:

Momma and daughter swan:

Yup. Every year I go with my family.

If you have not guessed yet, about 16 of us were Black Swans! And one lovely white swan.

 Walking ... or dancing I should say - to the Marigny to catch up with the St. Ann Parade!

 All the action on Frenchman Street.

Practicing our bow.

The Hubs made a beautiful white swan!

A shot of me, Hubs, my Uncle, Aunt and demonic mother.

Yes, this HOT lady below is my UNCLE, reading the paper at a gay bar on Bourbon Street. And no, he's not gay. or a tranny. Just loves him some Mardi Gras!

 We started parading about at 10 AM, by 8 PM we were pooped!

Tired swan.

On our way home we stopped at our local grocery to find a jazz band playing!

Only in New Orleans...

The best Mardi Gras recap video I've seen. This is exactly how it was! (You may see some swans in there!)

So, that's my recap of the last couple of weeks. I apologize for the length but I had to squeeze it all in!

- BOO 

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