Monday, March 7, 2011

Progress... Foyer!

Here are the latest shots of our foyer! It's almost done but I thought you might like to see where we're at:

It's probably the only part of the house that I do not want to change a thing to. When we were deciding on where to put the new door (it's right to the left of the umbrella stand) I made sure to leave room for that awesome sideboard/buffet scary face man table!!

Isn't it cool?! We inherited it from The Hubs' family - they do not make furniture like they used to!

Like I've said before, I love some personality in a space. I love my little white alligator! I've made a bunch of versions of these and I think it's a more modern look for a nod to our Louisiana roots - this one is white with white glitter sprinkled all over. (I even have some with gold teeth!)

The running look in our house is of course black, white, gold and punches of color. These little pieces sum that up perfectly! 

The white and gold bowl is a paper mache project I did. I painted the outside white and gold leafed the inside. It's a great catch all for change, jewelry, etc. I plan on making some trays like this too.


Oh and some artwork was hung on another wall: 

Some of it I made, the other half is from Etsy. It's a work in progress but it's the beginning of the "art wall". 
 P.S. Mardi Gras is in FULL SWING down here and it's been hard to even post! But I will have lots of fun things to post from the last two weeks of madness - just bare with me!


 - BOO


Sara said...

house looks great!

Ginger said...

It looks great! I LOVE the white alligator and that umbrella stand.

xomumblebutt said...

lady, he's got a how to video on daily candy today:

{darlene} said...

LOVE it. your alligator makes me squirm, and smile, all at the same time. Can he just close his mouth??? he is making me nervous. hahha! no seriously, I love him.
What a GREAT foyer.
OH! If you get a sec., i am asking for opinions over at my blog today on my style. If not, no problem!
Thank you so much! Hope your Mardi Gras was fabulous.