Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Designing for a party... Before & Afters...

This past week was NOLA Fashion Week - I know, I know, we're no NYC but apparently LA. is the new L.A.  ;) AND the interior designer I work for was chosen to design the VIP Lounge. I just wanted to share some shots of the space, setting up and the final results! Enjoy! 

The shows were held at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art - such a  beautiful space! The main museum is extremely modern but they have an old library that they rent out for events that it is connected to. It's gorgeous!! Check out the ceiling!!

Here are some shots of us moving around furniture and deciding what goes where:

It was such a huge space - it was fun but also a challenge to make it feel warm.

The boys texting away!

The designer I work for also has a store here in New Orleans - Shaun Smith Home - so he just moved a lot of things in the space from there. It worked out great because he had a large inventory to select from!


We were trying to create different areas for conversation. The two vintage chesterfield sofas flanked the MASSIVE fireplace, while smaller conversation areas were created on either side. There also was this awesome lucite table base with a glass top along with vintage metal chippendale chairs for seating. 

It was fun to move everything around until deciding what worked best.

AFTER shots:

These two areas were the smaller conversation areas I had mentioned. Notice they are almost mirror images of eachother.

I loved the way it came out - it looks like it could be in someone's house! (a rich someone's house mind you)

I love how he placed the four garden stools in the center - not only to rest drinks on but people can sit on  them if need be!

Lucite table I mentioned:

Check out the horse head near the mantle - adds a touch of whimsy!


Best part is everything you see here is for sale! This could be the death of me - I want it all!

Hope you enjoyed!


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