Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stencil Love!...

Poking around on Etsy today and came across these fun stencils!

One shop I'm loving is called Olive Leaf Stencils:

These peacocks are so wild and fun! It looks like they painted the feathers gold? Love that.

These jellyfish are whimsical and fun.

Cockatoos are fun too! I love all the possibilities you could do with painting them.

Some drama!

I find Ikat to be uber trendy at the moment and I would fear it looking dated soon but I do really like it in this room. I love the colors they chose as well.

Royal Design Stencils is another shop that had some nice ones...

The pattern below is cool. There is so much to it.

This stencil is called "Chopsticks" - you can come up with so many different ways to arrange them!

I am thinking about doing something graphic and fun in the hall or bathroom... there are just too many to choose from!


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Katie said...

How did I miss this post?! LOVE!