Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Only in New Orleans

Part of why I started writing this blog was to show the unique sides of New Orleans, particularly the area I live in - the Bywater/Marigny. There is something special about this city that you can't quite put into words and I hope to at least capture some of that feeling through my pictures and words.

I am starting a recurring post of "Only in New Orleans" posts dedicated specifically to this. 

Saturday Night:

 We went to the 723 Louisa Street Digest . Our neighbor, Amanda opens her house up every 2nd Saturday of the month from 6pm - 9pm and features local artists. Three artists were featured this weekend - one of which was my friend Ashley who accompanied us on our Six Flags Adventure! 

Ashley showcased photography and a short film for the event.

Some shots of her work: "Swagger and the Lost Magnificense"

Video installation: Check out the video HERE

The video was shown from a projector in the stairwell of the house!




Jerald's sculpture was titled " Five Years in Sanpaku"

I was not able to get a good shot of it, but he had crumpled up newspaper below this installation along the wall. I love "conceptual art" that you're like wha... this is ART?! This was one of those! Although these five pieces were cool and made out of interesting materials.

Kayleigh had two beautiful and HUGE paintings of little girls on a swing set.

 I loved them!

 So this is when the night goes from sophisticated to Only in New Orleans! I must mention that it is now Mardi Gras season here in New Orleans and it's filled with craziness! (Mardi Gras "season" is about 6 weeks long - ending on Ash Wednesday)

We meet this guy:

He proceeds to tell us we should be in a parade that's starting at 10 p.m. Always down for a party we tag along (but of course run home to put on something a little more costumey!)

 We meet his friends in the Marigny where I see this guy:

 And this guy:

Crazy pelican:

Of course always having my eye peeled for design inspiration - I got a shot of his mantle!

Anyway - we started the parade with about 40 people and a grocery cart made into a bull with a generator, speakers, an iPod and a fog machine... oh and fireworks!

We then proceeded to dance through the streets and pick up more people as we went...

I did not know who organized the parade but I heard through the grapevine that most of them were yoga teachers?! And some sort of Aquatic Social Aid & Pleasure Club?!

We would stop at popular bars and dance in front for a bit to lure more people into the parade...

We even ran into another parade going by! 

The Hubs even got to push the "Dance Machine"

By the end of the night we had about 400 people dancing on Frenchman Street! 
 It was a long night but a great break from renovations!!


 - BOO

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kiki said...

You must be aware you live a charmed life. Thanks for sharing your Saturday evening.