Thursday, February 24, 2011

Da Pagodas...

I have always had a love for chinoiserie, particularly the whimsical and intricate designs in fabrics.

It is such a classic design that I feel never goes out of style. I would like to try a more modern stencil on draperies or pillows some day...

Something similar to this Schumacher fabric:

So of course I started a google hunt for pagodas for my stencil design and found some great options!

I am still looking for an elephant to feature as well... maybe something like this?

This could very easily become my next drop cloth project!

Oh and just for some eye candy here are two chinoiserie inspired yet modern rooms:

I LOVE this painting on the wall!! It is subtle yet dramatic.

This would actually be easy to do with minimal artistic skills! Just get an image you like and put it on a projector to the scale you want on the wall and just trace and paint! Voila!

The image below is border lining Moroccan but I'll let it slide because it's just COOL!

Any thoughts on Chinoiserie? Love it or hate it?


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