Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Coming....!!

It's been ordered. It's arriving Friday. And I can't wait!!

My Glass Door Fridge baby!!!

You may remember this post in which I profess my love for this bad boy. Now I know most of you are thinking we're nuts for letting the nitty gritty of the fridge be exposed for all eyes to see, but I am so sick of food going to waste because I can't see where anything is!

I'd love something like this...

But let's get back to reality huh?!

Oh and did I mention we have our friend renting a side of the house and for the time being, the poor girl has to share a fridge with us and there's NO ROOM! (we're installing a kitchen for her in the upcoming months so we're just moving the old fridge to her kitchen)

Really, we're getting almost twice the space of a normal fridge to store everything. I'm so excited and so anal I can't wait to "style" the fridge! And since we really do not use the freezer for much more than ice, we plan on putting something like this in the pantry:

In fantasy land I'd love the matching freezer to my fridge...

Ahhhh it's beautiful... but BOO and The Hubs don't have the money, space or money- wait, did I already mention money...?! For this lovely guy.

Can't wait to show you how it looks! I have been researching it for months and it's gotten excellent reviews so I'm sure we'll be happy with it!


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