Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alys Beach Round 2...

I took some more inspiration images of Alys Beach while we were over in Florida last week - enjoy!

This would be an easy look to imitate. Buy some outdoor bamboo blinds and drape over posts on a patio. 

This cool teepee (that's a funny word to type!) is actually part of a garden. The vegetables are planted along the base and plan to grow up and meet at the top - will look really cool once it grows in. You could make something like this for your own garden! Just get some bamboo.

This is a private deck for people who live at Alys Beach, I bet the sunsets are amazing from up there! It reminds me of a ship...

Here's a mid construction shot of how they get the curves in the plaster walls of the homes.

I'd love this fire pit in my back yard!

This house is so lovely - it needs to be on the cover of House Beautiful!

And lastly, check out this crazy house right next door to the development! I would love to see how he decorated the interior!


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