Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kitchen Lighting...

I am investigating new lighting options for our kitchen and I am really leaning towards something unconventional and industrial. I came across the lighting designer Lindsey Adelman and it was love at first click! Here are some of my favorites:

I just LOVE them all! They are so sculptural and much more exciting than your average light.

And to my wonderful surprise the designer offers a complete how to for the light featured above!! She says it winds up costing about $125. Click below.

I also found this version below on Etsy and it's pretty affordable - $250 - but then you have $30 for shipping. And not to mention those Edison bulbs go for $10 - $12 a pop! 

Now the question is, would I want to make my own version?! I can get my craft on but lighting is a whole other animal that I've toyed with tackling for years now... luckily between The Hubs (former Industrial Designer), Lovely Father (Electrical Engineer) and my Pop (Electrician) I think they will be able to walk me through it!

Oh and by the way, here's another shot of the Kitchen (but I can't find one that showcases the blegh chandelier there now)

Looks kinda like this:

Totally NOT me!

So any thoughts on the wackadoo choice I'm leaning towards?? I wonder if I'll have the patience to make one?! Patience is something I'm lacking...



Anonymous said...

I think "unconventional and industrial" are a MUST with your new floor and rock star fridge!!! You have the patience...just think how awesome it will be to have a "Unique Boo" light fixture that everyone will gawk over and envy! Do it!

Elizabeth said...

Go for it - we had to make a light fixture out of plumbing pieces in design school and once you get all the parts in front of you, it's just screwing them together and running the wiring through. You can do this easily!
-e (

kelly ural said...

I say make your own. I'm not crazy about the one on etsy because it seems too symmetrical in a way. The ones by the other person are much funkier and if you make your own, they'll probably come out even better

Ginger said...

Do it!!!