Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bath Remodel in the Works... All because of a Drum.

For the last couple of months, our tub has been slooooowly draining. uh. oh. and a couple of weeks ago it stopped draining all together. Boo's long hair probably equals some nasty monster of a clog somewhere under there! Ooops! 

SO we got some plumbers out to take a look and... well... it ain't lookin' so good! First, our plumbing is OLD. Our tub has a drum trap instead of a P trap - which needs to be replaced.

  Side note: can you believe that I actually had a plumbing class at school and learned about P traps!? never would I think that was useful! Ha. 

Anyhoot, the cost to replace that thing is $1,500!!! WHHAAAT!!! Most of that cost is digging under the house to access the pipes since our house sits barely off the ground. So, of course we got to thinking and the bathroom needs to be gutted anyway. So why not rip up the floors from above to access the plumbing and renovate the bathroom while we're at it!?

Here's my fantasy land bath:

A white hex tile on the floor, subway tile on the walls in the bath, dual flush toilet, some kinda awesome sink. 

We plan on getting rid of our claw foot tub. I love that it's old but ours is disgusting, needs to be resurfaced ($400), needs new fixtures ($800) and hubby hates it because he's 6'4". So, out with a tub and in with a shower! 

I'm loving this Restoration Hardware sink in the above image but that's not gonna happen. We'll probably do something custom and give the illusion of a large slab of some kinda stone... don't know yet. I'm obsessed with this kinda sink below:

But yeah, probably not gonna happen! A girl can dream though right!? 

We're trying to put this project off as long as possible to save more $ for it - the plumbers were able to kinda get the tub draining again, it just takes about 3 hours for the water to go down! So we're standing in nasty filth while showering and scared that any day will be our last with the clogged tub fiasco.... 

I love my old house. I love my old house. I love my old house. 

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Elizabeth said...

love that sink and your choices - it's gonna be gorg!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

It's going to be fine! I was sitting downstairs a few weeks ago and my son flushed the toilet upstairs and water started raining in the living room...girl I got some plumbing issues and they are never cheap!

Bath Remodeling said...

Fantastic land bath that too the combination of white always looks great the planning and the way of your explain was perfect

sordar joy said...

Yep, LOVE it! Looks so much more interesting than typically laid tile.
Hexagonal floor Tile