Monday, August 12, 2013

Why have I been so MIA?! .... WORK! work. work.

I was looking at my blog today and was reminded at how much I used to blog - 2011 was the record at 130 posts!! Very impressive Boo! That's like 1 every 3 days through the whole year! (yes, yes, I can do math)

I must confess.... a lot of those posts were during working hours at my wonderful job at Shaun Smith Home. I was hired on as a designer/shop girl to this brand new design shop on Magazine Street in 2011 and since it was new, it took some time for the store and name to build. Which meant I had some down time while at the shop. Now we are busier than ever and even hired my good friend and fellow designer Lori, from NYC to come on board! It's been very exciting to watch the company grow and be able to be so hands on and creative through the design process of so many different jobs.

If you were to tell me this would be my job when I was in design school I would not of believed it! It's really my dream job. Not to mention I love my coworkers - doesn't that help the day go faster more than anything!?

Anyways, the point of this sappy ass post is to share some "work shots" from different jobs and to give you a sneak peak at our design world. So without further ado and in no particular order....

What Boo does all day at work!

We are helping the below client with the "finishing touches" of her gorgeous home. Shaun selected this huge white and gold leafed painting for her dining room. It's so fun! I love how whimsical it is & it has a lot more texture in person.

High gloss grey library for another client. The color is coachman's cape from Sherwin Williams - gorgeous grey! I can't wait to finish this room. I may paint some of my own nightstands this color. 

Super fun chain link seagrass wallpaper went up in another clients master bedroom. 

The room below is one of my personal favs at the moment. It's a TV room, office and playroom. So multi functional but so stylish! We put matching chaises, side tables and brass pharmacy swing arm floor lamps on either side of the room facing the tv. We did this fun Quadrille wallpaper and we just installed the matching drapes! It's so fun and classic. I would want this room in my own home. We're getting it professionally photographed so I'll share those because I feel like this picture doesn't do it justice! 
(yes that's our fun client celebrating the almost completion of the room with some Vueve! ha!)

These amazing horn pulls went in the custom built in in the above clients home. How cool are these?!

We were installing the below chair and table in a home and just happened to rest them right outside their front door...and we couldn't resist a photo! Doesn't it look like an ad!?

I love this dining room below. Obsessed with this chandelier! 

This craftsman home has been a fun project. It's actually my old boss's new home (he's my current boss's real estate agent as well) It was a complete gut and I've been working on it since day one. I love seeing the drawings that we come up with come to life. I'll definitely share more of this one once it's complete.

Here's we are at an art opening! I joke he only hires tall brunettes ;)

Below is another shot of the master bedroom with the chain link wallpaper. My brother made this huge custom parsons style console that we had painted in super high gloss from Fine Paints of Europe. (the TV is going to be bigger than the one here now) And how great are these burl wood cubes!? LOVES!

Here's a shot from a home we're working on in the French Quarter. It's a Victorian style single family home in the heart of the Quarter - even with parking for 4! A single family home, particularly Victorian AND parking is almost unheard of in the French Quarter.

This is the tile we selected for the guest bedroom. I LOVE this tile. It's hand made in Europe and it appears to be a basic subway tile but I love that it's not smooth since it's handmade and the edges of each tile have little ridges of imperfection. Look to the left the glare form the light - can you see what I'm talking about? I love that it appears to be really old, it reminded me of the tile in the NY subways - and that's OLD tile!

I would love to use it in my own home :) That's the problem - I work with such beautiful things all day and want them in my own home! whhhaaaaaa!

Some sexy grey 8" x 12" tile for a master bath shower...

A shot of the store. We get a lot of cool one of a kind, vintage things. I love it because it's always changing. 

Me and bossman in that room with the chaises...

A fun pool house we're working on... we call this one "Project: Hollywood Glam". We discovered a Hollywood actress (who has a star on the walk of fame!) lived here in the 60's, which in turn inspired the design...

The French Quarter house in the middle of construction...

Sourcing furniture for a home... 

Greek Key trim detail on drapes in Project: Hollywood Glam! 

And look at this freakin' cutie pie! My bossman looks like a movie star! hmmm... maybe that's why he keeps me around!? I just tell him how cute he is all day! ;)

And that's a pretty good summary of work life these days! I'll show you progress on my own home next... the fence has been built and painted and we're almost done with the 2nd phase of bricking the path... whew... exhausting!

Any of you tackling outdoor projects in the middle of August!? This heat is not ideal to work in!


ann said...

hmmmm. nice work! do you work on teeny tiny homes? i have one on lesseps and i'm so stuck on how to fit normal size furniture into a small room; how to have a window treatments that don't overwhelm; etc.

Tracy said...

Wow! You have been busy. Love to see your work at home and at the office.