Friday, August 8, 2014

Newest furniture addition to the house!

My husband likes to joke with me that when I like to go for "exercise" walks they usually mean "shopping" walks. I remember when we lived in NYC we would walk to work out but I always insisted on walking down Madison Avenue over Central Park! I mean come on! There's way more great people watching and clothes watching happening there than in the park ;)

 So, fast forward to my new "shopping" walks which include walking through the French Quarter and up to the river - well, on a walk with my mom we just HAD to pop into one of our favorite down low furniture shops - Greg's Antiques on Decatur. Greg's has been good to me through the years and it yet again came through! I spotted this Louis Phillipe commode just after I spotted the "Everything 50% OFF!" sign... yeah you know where this is going... 

Now you may be thinking, Boo, what the F are you gonna do with that big antique piece of furniture!? Well, this particular piece has been on my MUST BUY list for my house for years. We use Louis Phillipe commodes often in clients homes and they really are a classic, beautiful piece. I don't think they would make much sense in a low ceiling ranch style home but in a traditional New Orleans home with high ceilings and over 150 years of history these beauties fit right in! We mix it up by putting an amazing lamp on one with maybe a contemporary piece of art just to update it a little more. 

Well, I have never seen one for under $1,400. (and let me tell ya, I shop A LOT for clients!) This bad boy was on sale for $600!! I couldn't believe it. Now it may still seem expensive but I'm past the point in my life of buying Ikea and big box furniture (unless it's a knowingly quick fix to hold me over til the right thing comes). I don't mean that to sound snooty - I just loooove furniture and know I have limited wall space so I must love everything that comes in!

OK, back to Louis Phillipe - I had been kinda wanting to buy a dresser for Gibson's room that could double as a changing table because I was using this hideous contraption:

I mean who designs this shit!? After having a baby (because I had no clue about this world before) there are the most hideous baby gear things out there!!! Do people think that once you produce all your taste for nice things leaves your brain!? blegh. Oh, unless you're a millionaire and can afford the insanely $$$$ chic baby gear! Anyhoot, I got rid of the pack n' play to make room for Louis Phillipe. Why, yes, I am insane and got rid of a perfectly good changing table, baby cage thing in order to fit my gorgeous Louis. And proud of it!! Now it is such a please wiping a dirty booty I tell ya.

Here's my newest baby!!

How YOU doorin'?! This beauty has brought me much joy this week... and how cute is this - I needed a key tassel and we had this old tie from my father in law (whom Gibson is named after) so I just tied it on. I love it though!! Preppy boys changing table! SO cute. 

Ohhhh and when we were cleaning it out I discovered a secret drawer! I had no clue these had a secret drawer - on the very bottom where it looks like a solid piece of wood is another drawer - so cool! 

Here's a glimpse of what his room looked like before Louis joined in... Yeah, to the right is a Pinterest/Ikea hack gone wonky ;) We took that down, moved that tall dresser there and Louis is now to the left. SO much better!

I'll try and get some better nursery shots soon to show. There's a sofa on the opposite wall which is why the crib kinda floats like that. His room is not his forever room so I have never put much time into it. We will all be living upstairs in about 6 months once the attic gets finished so this room doesn't have much personality or love put into it. 

Mr. Louis Phillipe will stay put in here though and look fabulous doing so! He makes a wonderful changing table for us tall people and I'm so excited he has joined our home. 

Hope you liked the rambling post about a piece of furniture I'm obsessed with! What about you?? Any MUST BUYS that you've been waiting to pounce on!? I'd love to hear.

PS here's this weeks favorite picture of Gibson! He cracks me up. (yes, he's with The Hubs and why yes, this is what we do on weekends - SLEEP because this dude is not letting us!)


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