Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY Indian Flower Garland...

My neighbors and I are putting together a fundraiser to help raise money/donations for our community garden across the street from our house. The theme is Bollywood meets Planet of the Apes (don't ask, long story!)

The soon to be garden where we will be decorating for the party.

Anyway, of course I have volunteered to be on the decorating committee! And in my research for anything and everything Indian related I came across these beautiful Indian flower garlands:

I definitely wanted to make something similar but fake flowers would be too expensive. So I thought I would have to use tissue paper and painstakingly ball them up individually and thread through.... BUT to my joyous surprise I found possibly the deal of the century! (If you like dusty fake flowers!)

These guys were regularly $3 a bunch marked down to .25 CENTS!!! I couldn't believe it!! Needless to say the cashier at my local Family Dollar wanted to kill me and I could barely walk out my arms were so full of flowers!

(This is maybe half of the flowers I bought) 

SO, this might be the easiest DIY ever. I just plucked off the flower bud from the stem and then ran a thin wire through the existing hole.

And I just kept repeating, repeating, repeating...

Here's what a couple look like strung together! I kinda like their temporary home in my living room!

We are keeping the hot pink ones as they are and spray painting the white and light pink strands in gold and a bright almost tangerine orange. I love love love the color combo of hot pink, orange and gold. Especially for an Indian theme!

I can't wait to show y'all them strung in the trees!

Shameless fundraiser plug alert: If you live in NOLA and are interested in attending our super fun costume party Saturday, October 22nd, click HERE for more information!



Catherine said...

Do you have a picture of the final product?? And what kind of spray paint did you use?

Boo Hazard said...

Hey Catherine - the pink flowers stayed that color (the final image on this post) BUT if you click to this post here:


you can see the orange garland i painted. I just used tangerine orange spray paint from Lowes. Valspar maybe? It went on very easy!