Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In The Kitchen... Grapefruit with Honey & Mint

This "In The Kitchen" is super easy to make and super tasty!

Grapefruit with honey & mint. 

Grapefruits are abundant at our farmer's market so it's a great time to make this. 


- Grapefruit
- Honey
- Mint

Told ya it's EASY!

You just cut up the grapefruit - remove all the yucky white pulp stuff, squeeze any extra juice from the rind - and put in bowl.

Then thinly slice up the mint and sprinkle on top.

Then you drizzle some honey to taste on top of all that!

Voila! DONE!

It's a great side if your hosting a brunch. It looks fancy yet it's super simple to make! 

And it's YUM YUM in my TUM TUM!

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Anonymous said...

i love love love grapefruit and mint combo!!! I've been juicing it together for a few day's now!!! you should come link up!