Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bywater Swimsuit Fashion Show! Come to Get WET!

The Aquarium Gallery, a local gallery that does some crazy cool events just had a "Come To Get Wet" fashion show for local swimsuit designers this past weekend. It was F-U-N!!

The designers in the show:

Alicia Zenobia
Elizabeth Chen
Dominique Kawoski
Rachael Granberry
Jacob Reptile

It was great to see so many different creative designs with swimwear. Here's my recap!

Below is the runway! How cool is this?! A sprinkler was on during the show and some models strutted with water guns, spraying the crowd. 

Swimwear for sale...

* Forgive me but I don't know some of the designers so I can't credit*

Aren't these dresses AMAZING!? I love the detail. 

Designer Jacob Reptile suits:
(who is also the gallery owner)

I love these crazy accessories he designed to go along with the suits!

Designer Rachael Granberry suits:

You can't tell in these pictures, but Rachael hand dyes the fabric, silk screens different patterns and then  sews the suit together. VERY detailed. 

I did a photo shoot with her for these suits the other day and really got to see the detail of their construction - can't WAIT to share those pics! ha! 

Don't know who the designer below is but they were CRAZAY COOL!

My favorite photo from the night: how sexy is she!?

And there ya have it! A fun Bywater weekend that was Wet & Wild! :)

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Stewzie said...

I love the 2 shades of blue high-waisted one!!