Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Possible Bath Reno is in the Works!!...

Our bathrooms are in dire need of a renovation... it has always been in the back of my mind to get this done someday but I think one reno may be happening sooner rather than later!

It all started last week when my cousin gave us his white pedestal sink because he got a larger one with storage. So then of course I started looking into a new toilet, tile, etc. etc. And the price of all this wasn't scaring me like I had feared it would. 

Let me share the funky bathroom that's needing some love:

Bleghhhh.... totally not my style! Good god, I don't think this is anyones style!? This is the bathroom in our rental so we won't even get any use out of it :( BUT I'm investing our money right now into the area of the house that makes us money. 

You can't really see all the grodiness (yeah that's a word) from this fancy picture of the bathroom but the tile is grimy, the walls are a hot mess from me taking down wallpaper, there's a gap of nastiness between the tile and baseboard that i guess was meant to be covered by shoe molding? and the toilet is hoisted up on shims because it wobbles! 

I want to do something classic and true to the architecture of the house - and nothing trendy that will look dated in 5 years. So here's my plan:

White hex tile with a medium grey grout:

Dual flush toilet:

(this guy has gotten excellent reviews - found here)

Bead board running along the walls 3/4 high:

This is the pedestal sink we're getting:

And I'll probably refinish the claw foot tub, I need to look into painting it myself. I hear it's not that bad. Any of you done that?

And here are some inspiration photos of what I'm thinking:

I'm getting a price tonight from a contractor so I'm super excited! This won't be happening immediately (I need to save my pennies!) But at least once I have some prices I'll have a better idea of when this will happen. I'm thinking maybe 2 months? maybe sooner?

What do ya think of the changes we're planning? I think it'll make a HUGE difference! 


Ginger said...

it'll look great! Now I wish I had new tile in my bathroom. Anyway, my brother had his clawfoot tubs refinished by a company called Bath Crest. It was $300/tub 4 years ago.

Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Love the ideas and please use the wallpaper in the first pic!

Elizabeth said...

Hey girl - got your comment. We did white penny on the floor and white subway on the shower - same dark charcoal grout for both with a thin line. You can do it thicker for more pow...glad you like it!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)