Friday, December 21, 2012

Au Revoir NOLA & STILL unfinished bathroom!!

So, I've been too busy and pissed off to post this week... let's just say the tile guy laid our penny tile down WRONG!!! THE TILE GUY! Who only does tile & showers!!! How the F do you f*ck up penny tile!? Well my friends... he did.

And I almost had to go to divorce court because of it. ;) I kid. BUT it's been very stressful and no, the tile is not coming up. We're living with it. Too long of a story to get into but the tile is here to stay. How did he f*ck it up you might ask? He didn't lay the tiles down right! So randomly you can see lines because the circles aren't matched correctly.

Lesson learned. I am having detailed drawings of every single little thing we want done when it comes to the next phase of this reno. I should of gotten more quotes for the work. We were in such a time crunch though because it all happened so suddenly.

I do LOVE my contractor and my guy who's cutting my marble for the sink though!

Anyhoot, The Hubs & I are off to NEW YORK CITY! To spend Christmas with his family. I can't wait to get outta here! And to be able to shower properly!!

photo credit: gotham girl photography

Upper West Side here we come!!!

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