Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forgive me Design Gods... For I Have Sinned.

Remember last week when I shared that our bathroom is undergoing a complete GUT renovation!? Well, excuse the pun but shit hit the fan once all that went underway. ;-)

While the floor was up in the bathroom, Big Mike (my daddy) who is the head of this whole operation decided it was best to change as much plumbing as possible while it was all open. So, on the very positive side, about half the house now has brand new shiny copper plumbing! On the "Oh, I never even knew that could happen!?" side, the water just stopped coming out in the rental bath and our kitchen sink about a day after new plumbing was installed. 

Hmm? Well, thank goodness I have Big Mike in my life! (former plumber, electrician, carpenter, now electrical engineer, basically can fix anything wrong in our house!) He knew what the problem was and helped me fix it all for about 4 hours this past weekend. (he was NOT a happy camper!) Apparently, sometimes when you install new plumbing, all the junk, sediment, etc. gets pushed through to the older plumbing and clogs it all up. Interesting stuff. Anyhoot, we had to clear all the lines and blah blah it's all fixed. 

Except our kitchen sink. In the words of Big Mikie - "Your kitchen sink is such a piece of SH*T!" The faucet  is sealed tight to the sink so you can't take it apart to clear out the faucet. Which meant we had to get a new sink/faucet. And while we were at it, might as well get a new counter top, once again Big Mike said, "and replace this disgusting counter top! Just get something 'throw away' since you plan on redoing the kitchen sometime soon". I love design advice from father. 

Please. Don't judge us. It's cracked. Stained. Nasty. Nasty. Oh and yeah, that's a little toothpaste up there from when we were using the kitchen sink to brush our teeth since it was the only sink in the house. yep.

SO, the point of the title of this post: we purchased a FORMICA COUNTER TOP!!! In a faux black granite!!! (I'm laughing while typing this) yes. yes. I am a designer. and I purchased a faux black granite formica counter. and the REALLY sad thing about this is that this formica thing will look 10x better than what we currently have! So shhhh.... but I'm kinda excited to go home tonight to see it installed! 

Big, sexy formica chillin'... 

Oh, and believe it or not, the one who is really traumatized by this is The Hubs. He HATES it!! But he is excited to be getting a large single bowl stainless sink. Here's what we got:

And since this sucker is 33" wide, you won't see too much of the formica. We hope. 

Can't wait to share with y'all the afters!! Ha!

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Girl...you will be just fine. I feel like I am the last person on earth to have peeling up vinyl flooring in our kitchen but you have to draw the financial line somewhere so it is what it is. I just tell people to keep there head up while walking in.

Chateau À Gogo said...

It will be fine. You may be surprised at how good it looks. Can't wait to see it installed. - Brandy