Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MORE Bedroom Talk!! A Look at Our BLACK Guest Bedroom!...

Remember this room?! Aaaahhh!! Memories! How GROSS is this!? This was the second kitchen the previous owners had - yes, they had 2 kitchens - their fancy kitchen and their fryin' kitchen! haaha only in New Orleans would one need two kitchens...

Little nasty kitchen then became a little dining room... but we never really ate in here so we moved the dining room into the living room...

And then in a fit of crazy I painted the whole room, floors included - BLACK! It's so cozy! 

These are just some snapshots of its current state - don't judge me on the wrinkled bedding ;)

My huge pineapple painting is covering up a little doorway into the laundry room!

I still haven't decided on the ceiling color and I need to change out the overhead lighting... thank goodness those eyesores didn't make the photos! I feel like this room is very girly/glamy right now... I'm diggin' it! 

I decided to paint this little guest room all black because it has SO many eyesores that I wanted them all to disappear - the black is helping!

What do you think?! Would you paint a bedroom completely black? When I lived in NYC I had a black bedroom and loved it. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Talk Bedrooms...

Lucky lucky Boo & Hubs - we inherited a barely used KING BED from a friend of ours and it's heaven!! We were sleeping in a Queen but with me standing at 5'11" and hubby at 6'4" I'm amazed our marriage has lasted! ;) 

I LUVS the king bed - and we had a Tempurpedic and this sucker is just as comfy! Anyhoot - back to the point here - future bedroom dreams! 

These are some shots of what the bed is looking like now. I have 3 30" x 30" down inserts just chillin back there until I find some fabric. We are on a spending freeze as far as anything major in the house (i.e. designer fabric!) so I think I will just sew some simple white duck pillows for now.

This bedroom is temporary until (one day!) we finish our 600 sq. ft. unfinished attic - which will become a master suite/ possible media room?

So, since this bedroom is temporary I don't want to even think about investing in the headboard, nightstands, etc... BUT below are some inspiration images of what I'm digging at the moment!

I like the layout of the bedroom below - not crazy about the scale/style of the sofa though.

This bed is amazing! Love the neutrals...

I love, love, LOVE this bedroom. It's so simple and minimal but I just love it. I love rooms that aren't "perfect" - a little bohemia and unfinished.

Oh and that light fixture needs to be mine! Think I can make one similar??


You can see the common thread on our future bedroom is a dramatic - possibly tufted headboard and light floors. 

The debate I have is I'm almost positive the bed will be centered under a window which means a huge tufted headboard will be covering most the window - and it's a small window! Maybe I'll hang window treatments the length of the bed and just keep them closed all the time? I love how I'm even worried about this minor question when we have to put electrical, plumbing, sheetrock and floors in!! Ha! 

I have to go up there and snap some pictures of the space - I can't believe I've never shared pictures of it on here yet! Do any of y'all have any future dream projects for your house? Are you pinning like crazy for inspiration?! Share! 

Here's the LINK to my Pinterest board for the room. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

GREAT Article You Should Read...

I just read this great article HERE in the NY Times about Interior Decorators - it's a great read! I especially love the line :

“I’m not a discount shop, I’m not here so you can get the cheapest price,” he said. “I’m here
to spend your money well.”

And another favorite:

“Why is my time any less valuable than anyone else’s?” Mr. Henault said. “Because I’m choosing 

wallpaper? Well, if you think choosing wallpaper is insignificant, then you go do it. Why is the way I

 run my business any different than the way a lawyer or hedge fund manager runs theirs?”


Couldn't agree more! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bywater Swimsuit Fashion Show! Come to Get WET!

The Aquarium Gallery, a local gallery that does some crazy cool events just had a "Come To Get Wet" fashion show for local swimsuit designers this past weekend. It was F-U-N!!

The designers in the show:

Alicia Zenobia
Elizabeth Chen
Dominique Kawoski
Rachael Granberry
Jacob Reptile

It was great to see so many different creative designs with swimwear. Here's my recap!

Below is the runway! How cool is this?! A sprinkler was on during the show and some models strutted with water guns, spraying the crowd. 

Swimwear for sale...

* Forgive me but I don't know some of the designers so I can't credit*

Aren't these dresses AMAZING!? I love the detail. 

Designer Jacob Reptile suits:
(who is also the gallery owner)

I love these crazy accessories he designed to go along with the suits!

Designer Rachael Granberry suits:

You can't tell in these pictures, but Rachael hand dyes the fabric, silk screens different patterns and then  sews the suit together. VERY detailed. 

I did a photo shoot with her for these suits the other day and really got to see the detail of their construction - can't WAIT to share those pics! ha! 

Don't know who the designer below is but they were CRAZAY COOL!

My favorite photo from the night: how sexy is she!?

And there ya have it! A fun Bywater weekend that was Wet & Wild! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kick Ass New Lamp.... SCORE!

I picked up this awesomely sexy bad ass lamp at my local Habitat today!! :) How fine will he look with a huge black laquered shade?!

It has a cool Art Deco vibe... And mirror + gold = love!!

Best part? $25!! Holla!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worky Work Work Work...

Here's a sneak peek at a project from work

I wuv my boss! Boys got talent! :) I cannot WAIT to show y'all this house once it's done! It's GORGEOUS! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Love This House!...

While walking around the Lower Garden District in New Orleans last week - where the MASSIVE MANSIONS are - I came across the sweetest little house with the most amazing windows!

Isn't it great!? I love the house colors and the windows are fabulous! I love the architecture here!