Saturday, May 18, 2013

5 Year Anniversary!! The Gift that keeps on gifting... or cleaning...

I meant to post this yesterday when it was our actual 5 year anniversary but time slipped away! Yes, yes, 5 glorious years of marriage with my sweetie! Now, I don't get too personal or sappy ever on this blog so I'll spare you the gooey "oh so in love" crap!

We are not a gift giving couple, never Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts... just not our thing, if we want something we just buy it ourselves! BUT I'm super excited about a gift we're giving each other (let's face it, mainly a gift for me!)


Woot! Woot! Our NASTY washer & dryer came with the purchase of our house and yes, they're funky but they also don't clean great, rip holes in clothes and the dryer takes 2 hours to dry a load! And with my vacation rental business I wash A LOT of linens, towels, and clothes. 

Here's my beauties:

Don't judge! Oh, and the dryer door has to be shut with that little can of dog food because the door is broken.

RIGHT?! So sad and gross... it's TIME!

What year do you think they're from!? 80's? 90's? I can't even tell!

After much research, looks like we're going with: 

LG 3.6 cu ft High Efficiency Front Load Washer (White) ENERGY STAR

And the dryer:

I am so so excited to get these bad boys! I can't believe we've even waited this long! 

From doing a little googling, apparently the gift giving goes like this:

5 Year Anniversary:

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Wood 

modern anniversary gift: silverware

Modern Anniversary Gift: Silverware

And what do you know... before even reading this I hit up an estate sale this morning and scooped up a 75 piece silverware set in flat gold! GOLD!! Place setting for 15 people in GOLD! Did I mention they're gold?! OK, not like solid plated gold but still, they are so fabulous! I'll post a pic of them once I'm home but just had to share in this post because I coincidentally bought our anniversary gift! ha! and for only $25!!! Yippeeee!!! 

Oh and if any of you out there absolutely love your new washer and dryer please send me the brand! Still not 100% on these but with over 200 five star reviews they must be good. Do y'all do the whole gift giving thing? Is it weird we don't!? 


Elizabeth said...

aghh! I wish I could get up early enough to hit up estate sales before work...will you PLEASE invite me next time you go to one??
xoxo -E

Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Be careful with the front loaders because every friend I have says their clothes smell after a while. Cant wait to see the flatware!

Anonymous said...

Gift giving stresses me out.

B Hall said...

Well, I'm on the lookout for a CHEAP stackable washer/dryer, a coffee maker, and a reciever