Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where have I been!? I'm BACK!

Wow, it's been like over 6 weeks since my last post! That's very UN BywaterBoo!! I apologize. Work, working out, stressing out, enjoying life in NOLA.... it sucked me in and now I'm back and in a writing mood - FINALLY!! I really only like to write when I want to write. Which may be a bad thing but I feel like it seems forced otherwise. SO, think of this post as a culmination of about 8 posts all in one! I hope your'e ready!! 

Without further ado...

Nothin' like a Bywater Searsucker Party...

Awesome party at our neighbors house. 

 Birthday Parties...

Louisiana Derby Day...

My and my "other" husband, Dr. Craig! 

Jazz Fest with my mommy!


Client Presentations...

Construction sites... 

Side note - I absolutely LOVE being on construction sites! I'm from a construction family and grew up going on sites with my dad and grandpa so it's a comfortable, nostalgic place for me! Strange maybe?? I just love watching something come to life that was just in a drawing weeks before. 

Check out the view from this house! It's in the BEST location in the French Quarter. 

 Working with cutie pie bossman... the fabulous Mr. Smith.

How fabulous is this wallpaper!? Here we are looking oh so cute in the middle of an install... 

We also hosted a blog tour! Here's Shaun in the middle of all the bloggers in town for the Kitchen & Bath show.

AND on the same day as the tour the almighty MILES REDD was in town doing a book signing and talk about his book at the Ogden Museum! It was SO fun. 

Miles speaking...

I actually captured a photo of the Grande Dame of NOLA design - Gerrie Bremermann (and our awesome work neighbor) introducing Shaun (my boss) to Miles! They were eerily similar, in a very charming way. I know someday soon Shaun will have his own book out! 

New goodies at my house:

Massive new white king headboard!

Super cool hand carved African side table! Obsessed!! Such great shape. 

Aaaand I'll finish this long and random post off with the neighborhood rooster! How gorgeous are the colors on this guy!? I could design a whole room out of him! ;) 

I've missed all 2 of you who read my little blog but (hopefully) I'm back and writing more often!! Hope you're all well :) 

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

You were so missed and glad you are back. That seersucker dress was the cutest thing ever! Loved all the pics.

Tracy said...

Glad you are back. I have been checking in to see the completed fence project.

Anonymous said...

I could design a whole meal out of him!

-Your dreamlover

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Was Miles not amazing?
Loved him!