Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Bywater Style...

 I would say the people living in my hood get a little more creative when it comes to their Halloween decor than most... I love the DIY style most bring and it's almost a competition of who comes up with the wackiest! Here's just a few snaps I took while walking the other day...

Googly eyes!! 

Every year this house puts crows, moss and branches on the front of their house. It's so simple yet so spoooooky!!

Nothing like some crazy decapitated heads hanging down!

This one below is just so simple and classic.

Creepy bride...

We bought a parachute off ebay (don't even ask...) and decided to string it in the tree at the park, Clouet Gardens across from our house. We attached a skeleton to it like the skeleton parachuted down and died in the tree! AAAhhhhhh trust me, it is funny! 

Here's Hubs and I with my 2 aunts & my uncle. My uncle loves to dress in drag any chance he gets! He walks better in 4" heels than I ever could.

We also tried something new this year at our park, Clouet Gardens. We had a movie night Halloween with a crafts hour as well. We thought mayb 20 - 30 people would show up and boy were we shocked! We had over 100 people come out!! It was great. There are so many kids in the neighborhood that were playing in the park. I'm glad it was such a hit and now we can really get planning on something great for next Halloween.

Here's a snap of the movie, Beetlejuice. The screen is about 14' x 12' so it's pretty big! Unfortunately it rained halfway through the movie so we had to call it a night :(

And there's a Halloween in the Bywater! 

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Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

I love those ideas for decorating! I may steal the bird one for next year.