Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool Art

I saw this art piece at Antenna Gallery last month during the monthly Second Saturday and thought it was really cool. Simple but I loved it.

The artist threaded pink thread onto the bristles and matched the thread with pink paint for the brush. (I'm assuming that's what they did, I didn't ask!) Also, terribly sorry but no artist credit for it :( I just snapped the picture without thinking.

Now for a tiny rant about Second Saturday - for all you NOLA locals who enjoy art - I urge you all to check out the Second Saturday art walk!! It's every second Saturday of the month and about 10 - 15 galleries mostly on St. Claude Avenue (Marigny/Bywater area) exhibit new shows.

 It's a lot of fun and a very cool scene! Think free wine, food trucks, hipsters everywhere... It reminds me of my NYC days in a way... when moving back to NOLA I was worried I would miss the art and culture that NYC had to offer and it's nice to have this monthly event to inspire me. A lot of the original art is very affordable so perfect for people just starting to collect art. We have bought a few pieces. 

Some outdoor art at another gallery. We were trying to look like a rock band album cover... failed miserably. (you see the creepy guy between us?! haaha we were going for Stevie Nicks esque?!!!)

Anyways - GO TO SECOND SATURDAY for some local cultcha dawlin's!!!! 

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