Monday, March 24, 2014

Introducing John Gibson Hazard III... (yes I'm still alive and blogging!)

Hi!!! I just came to my blog and noticed I haven't blogged since DECEMBER!!! wow. Time flies when you're having a baby huh!? Without further ado...

Here's Mr. John Gibson Hazard III!! We are calling him Gibson.

Oh I had to put that one first! Is it bad that when he cries I kinda laugh and think it's the cutest cry ever!? Yeah, I won't be saying that too much longer I'm sure!

He was born February 17th. Let's make a long story short (and too bad if this is too much detail for you!) in my hippy state I had planned a natural birth - midwife, doula, prenatal yoga, raspberry fucking tea for my uterus to be all ready for the big day... blah blah you get the idea. WELL. I found out a week before he was born that this guy was breech! Yep!! So scheduled C-Section was planned. Whaaa whaaa whaaaaa.... planned for February 19th. Yea - he was born the 17th. Mr. Man decided he wanted to be an Aquarius like his momma so I went into labor on the 16th and an emergency c-section was had after 15 hours of labor. No fun! Oh and I lost lotsa blood so I then had a blood transfusion 3 days later. blegh.

I am grateful for a very easy pregnancy and so far a pretty easy and healthy baby so that whole yucky birth & recovery I'll hopefully forget with my awful memory ;)

Let's see more pictures of this crazy guy!

The faces he makes crack me up. 

I need to fix my camera - these are all really pixelated but below is how we think he was positioned inside me. He lays on me like a tree frog!!! His legs fold up like that. When he was born for some reason the name that came to me was Old Man River Frog. Maybe it was the drugs!? 

And how about one more cry shot!? 

He's 5 weeks old today and it's been quite an adventure so far. I don't feel like adding him to our lives has become this crazy drastic life changing event, it feels natural and normal. And I am not a baby person at all! I knew with my own I'd feel different and I do. 

Don't worry though - this won't become a baby blog! Although it is a nice place to log these life events as well as our money pit house ;)

Oh speaking of our money pit house - we gutted the kitchen while I was 9 months pregnant. Yeahhhh.... more on that to come!! 


Melissa Crochet said...

He's perfect! Congratulations. You all will have to build a Mardi Gras ladder for next year so he can participate!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am glad to see you are back and blogging! :)
Jessie Haynes

Katherine Velie said...

He is beautiful!! Welcome to the boy's mommas club…it's the best! Hope you're having a blast with him!
(PS: did ya'll sell that WA table yet? let me know if you get a chance…thanks!)

jason said...

he's adorable.