Monday, May 26, 2014

Ummmm... I have a problem... oh and landscaping is FINALLY happening!

OK, I have a problem here. Every since Mr. Gibson arrived I CAN'T STOP TAKING PICTURES OF HIM!! I've become one of those moms!? I'm finally in a writing mood so I just searched through my phone pictures to see what I could blog about.  99% of my pictures are of this baby! He's super cute and fun but lordy I need to get out more! ;) 

Anyway, about a month ago we kinda started getting our shit together and sorta started some landscaping. We got some boxwoods along the side of the house! I wanted a bunch more so that when we planted them they would be all perfect and touch - cheapo hubby wasn't having it :( They're slooowwwly almost touching and we've gotta trim them but I love the way boxwoods look! 

I even planted a random assortment of plants across from the boxwoods. A mix of herbs and flowers that are growing like crazy. It's my first attempt at gardening and I'm learning as I go. I'm taking note of what grows like crazy and what I'll avoid next season. 

Oh and we planted some Japanese Yew along the fence that will slowly yet surely become a wonderful privacy hedge. We'll probably be 62 by the time they fill out enough to even give us privacy from our neighbors 14' high windows... but hey, one day we will get that privacy! 

Oh and it took me about 2 days to plant everything because this little guy kept crying after I'd plant just one thing! 

Which led me to resort to this...

I digress... 

Now we're working towards making the back of the house somewhat presentable - it's AWFUL! I mean awful! 

Ughhhh... another reason I haven't been bloggin much is that my new stupid phone is an Android and it automatically makes my pictures all tiny and pixilated when I email them to myself. I'm still trying to figure out how to stop this. I need to really show off my awful backyard here and it's preventing me from doing so! Dammit! 

We will return to disgusting yard at a later date. I still need to fill y'all in on our complete kitchen reno (that I already want to rearrange. yes - I have a sickness! ) and some new art I bought... and all kinda good blog worthy stuff! Now let me google how to get better quality images... 

Anyone out there have a green thumb and recommend any plants/trees/hedges for privacy?? That preferably grow somewhat fast and don't require much room? I'm leaning towards Holly trees. My moms got some that grew fast and look good. Open to other plants as well! Oh and we get about 4 hours of direct sun right there. I think. 

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Melissa Arnold said...

Savannah Holly is the holly you want to use. Start looking for them in mature landscapes. They take up little room close to the ground but give much needed privacy higher up (to come between you and your 14' neighbor windows!). They grow relatively quickly and they do anything you tell can wire them and prune them to any shape. Plus you get nice red berries in winter.

Anonymous said...

I live in Mobile which has much the same climate as New Orleans. I have had great success with Nellie Stevens Holly as a screen. It is a living wall really. I have been gardening for forty years now. Gardening in the Gulf South is very different from other parts of the country. You will have better luck finding a local nursery and befriending a plantsman than buying from big box careful too, instant gratification often comes back to haunt you. Things will grow way faster than you think! One last tip, it's not really planting season down here. Plants are less stressed and become more quickly established when planted in the Fall.
So glad you are going to start blogging again. I enjoy reading .

Boo Hazard said...

@Margaret & @melissa thanks for the advice. I think we're still going to hold off until more important house things are done - man, landscaping is EXPENSIVE huh!? I'd also like to put up a big wood fence to help with privacy too... but that gets $$$. Ah well... one day right!? Thanks for reading!! -Boo