Thursday, May 26, 2011

Asian Screen Southern Style...

This past week I came across this article and was mesmerized... it's a spread on the home of fashion designer Erin Fetherston. One photo that caught my eye was her bedroom and the over sized hand painted Asian screen leaning against the wall.

I loved the scale and it's such a fresh idea.

So, the other day while hunting through my daily Craiglist searches I came across this screen for $75:

Sorry for the poor quality of photos - grabbed them off Craigslist site!

It's not as large as the Asian screen but it could give you the same effect. Plus to me, it looks more like a swamp scene which is fitting down here in NOLA!

What do you think? I think it could be pretty cool in the right space ... I'd also need to see it in person to see the quality of the painting on the screen.

I also found this screen on Etsy - for $500! It has a lot more punch to it though than the Craigslist find...

This screen is interesting... although I'd feel like I was eating at a Chinese restaurant!

Any thoughts on Asian screens? Love em or hate em?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Side Yard Before & Afters...

Since the major interior renovations have come to an end (for now!) we are finally able to focus a little more attention on the landscaping. Lucky me, this is one of The Hubs favorite things to do...

So, here are a couple of before shots:

This is a shot of our new exterior wall, new door and steps we put in. The house is a "shot gun" style so we installed our new front door in the large room in the middle of the house to resolve the issue of having to walk through bedrooms etc. to get to the back of the house.

This stone fountain was built in the 1920's by a member of the family who owned the house for over 100 years.

He was a true craftsman and even carved these little faces along the wall of the fountain.

And the guys who owned the house before us tried to continue the "face theme" with their own concrete face man on the top of the fountain! Does not have the same effect though right?!

Close up of the stone - I think it's granite?


My aunt was getting rid of a bunch of monkey grass so we (The Hubs) dug it up and planted it along the side. Gotta love FREE!!

My mom gave us a tall rose bush -more like a tree!- that you can see below. It's not taking too well so we will probably dig it out.

We knew when we bought the house the fountain had cracks in it and always had problems working so we decided to convert it to a planter!

We have our herb garden all along the side of the house. I am not crazy about it here but it works for now.

One more time - BEFORE:


We desperately need to do something with the busted up concrete path... one day my friends... one day! But we're happy with it for now!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Marigny Home Tour...

The Fauburg Marigny or "The Marigny" as the locals call it, is the neighborhood between Bywater and the French Quarter. All three neighborhoods run along the Mississippi River and technically where we live is only two blocks from the Marigny - so a lot of my posts have to do with that area as well.

This past weekend was the Fauburg Marigny's Home Tour. I got some shots of cool, quirky and quintessential New Orleans that I thought I'd share!

What?! You know you'd love a creepy old doll collection!

This was the second floor balcony facing the street. I could spend hours upon hours up here! Don't you love the stripes?!

Old New Orleans homes are famous for the side gallerys. The idea of a side gallery is that all of the rooms open onto a open air covered gallery running the length of the home while all of the interior rooms connect to one another shotgun-style.

I thought this tapestry was just amazing!! Adds such a dramatic look to an otherwise normal living room.

I would of done something much more dramatic to this space if I put up a huge circus tent tapestry along the whole wall! But it looks cool nonetheless.

Below is a perfect example of adding some personality to a space! These sheep are quirky, unexpected but fun. You know when walking through the homeowners gate that they are not too stuffy and know how to have a good time.  

They have plastic sheep feeding on real grass for cryin' out loud! I wanna go to their house for Mardi Gras!

This was their backyard. The shadows make it difficult to see but a Jazz band was playing and wine was served... The Marigny knows how to throw a home tour!

Views of the garden...

View of The Hubs enjoying his wine and cheese at the pool...

Another home we toured was quintessential New Orleans - yes, it had a Voodoo Altar! But what I really loved were all the tiny quirky details throughout the home...

This shot below is my favorite!

Below is a baby doll head he must of cut off and spray painted gold and stuck it on a book shelf. LOVE! Yes, I love the strange and unusual...

Which makes me really want to share this clip in honor of this house... and a design philosophy I live by  ;)

Flying little dudes under the fireplace mantle...

Patio fence art...

The next home was definitely more of a look I am drawn to for my own house. Simple and white... very calming and relaxing to come home to.

Sorry for the overexposed images, we were playing with the settings on the camera - but you get the idea!!

I wish I could be this minimal - Ha! Maybe one day...

On our way out, observant Hubs noticed some high tops thrown over the electrical line perfectly matching the home below!

And yeah, I don't think these are a sign of gang activity... unless they're warning you they're a very hip and stylish gang...

Another home had a second kitchen with brick floors - I got a shot of these because we're thinking of doing a brick floor in our kitchen. Black herringbone brick! Yeah baby! Although a woman at a flooring showroom looked at me like I'm nuts... I says think outside the Travertine box lady!

I digress...

The last home was totally WILD! Filled to the brim with STUFF! Fun to look at but I could never live here...

Now, every New Orleanian knows a night out on Bourbon Street isn't complete without a Hand Grenade but to reuse them as part of a chandelier is genius!

Artwork I liked...

Hope you enjoyed the home tour! Any favorites??