Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why yes, yes I am posting about cleaning out my fridge! It's my blog and I'll post what I want to! Post what I want to! You would post it too if it happened to you!

Sometimes it's the little things in life... like completely cleaning and organizing your fridge. Yes, things like this make me feel oh so good! Especially when my fridge is oh so pretty and GLASS so everyone can see when our fridge is a hot mess! 

Here's how it began:

You know you have to take everything out to really get a good cleaning in! And let's face it, I'm not ever gonna use the 3 floating black olives in the olive jar from last year....it's gotsta go! I love purging!!

Here's my baby while I'm trying to figure out the new height of the shelves....

Aaaaand the after:

Will someone please buy me one of those $2,000 cameras with a pimped lens so my pics can look professional!? I've been using my phone camera cause I'm lazy but the quality isn't really there... I digress...

My veggie shelf... yeah check out that squash! Come on, let's hear how utterly big my squash is!

I have these great plastic trays I put different items in - it makes it so easy when cooking - I'll pull out a whole Asian tray with everything I need - or a "I'm making a sammich tray!"

Sammich Tray.

Happy Buddha Butter says "yes!" to clean fridge!

Does cleaning out the fridge bring you as much joy as it brings me!?


Melissa Crochet @ The Insane Domain said...

Yay! I finally get to see the fridge! I hate that job so good for you.

Anonymous said...

oh I love your glass fridge...and where oh where did your buddah buttah tray come from? J'adore!


Jessie Haynes said...

Love your Buddha!!!!

ieatenchiladas said...

That is some squash! It would make me wonder if I didn't know you were happily married.